Monday, March 5, 2007

Hands are Mirrors

Many people are losing out on vital information
because they have totally the wrong idea about
hand analysis.

Hand analysis is not about prediction or divination.
Your hands aren't crystal balls, they're mirrors.

Hand Analysis does not tell you how long you are going
to live or how many children you are going to have.

Your hands provide a detailed map of your inner landscape.
The map can’t tell you where you are going to go, it can
simply show you what routes are available, where the rocky
ground is, or the breaks in the pass. Its task is simply to
provide clarity or to show you what your options are.

Hands reveal one’s pure potential. They also indicate issues
that might be blocking this potential. Most people don’t realise
how gifted they really are and they go through life not using
all the gifts they have to offer the world.

Hand Analysis reveals these talents and therefore is
usually a very empowering experience.

There are two parts to hand analysis, fingerprints (dermatoglyphs)
and hand shape/lines. Fingerprints are fixed 5 months before birth
and cannot change.

Fingerprints represent one’s soul psychology, or soul agenda.

Hand shape (chirognomy) and lines indicate temperament and
issues related to one’s personality psychology.

When I look at hands I look at how the two interact.
One’s soul agenda has to be played out though personality.

Dermatoglyphic input is the significant difference between
hand analysis as practiced by certified members of the
International Institute of Hand Analysis and other systems
of chirognomy. The other significant difference has to do with
gift markers.

Gift markings indicate not only extraordinary talents but also
where a person may be challenged or psychologically blocked.

Hand analysis takes years to learn but fingerprints are relatively
easy to read. Your fingerprints are a soul imprint. They show
what your soul intended to achieve in this lifetime.

These days you can send in your fingerprints via email to have
them analysed. This'll give you a personalised 15 to 25 page
document on what you chose to work through in this life time.
It also gives your highest actualisation point. In other words,
what will make you feel most fulfilled.

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