Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power giveaways

There are many ways we give our personal power away to others.

Power is energy and our hands are sensitive energy conduits
that accurately reflect where we are losing or gaining energy.

Power give aways show up in our hands as specific stress indicators,
such as a bent or crooked index finger or a heartline that curves down
and through the lifeline.

Sometimes these markers show up in the fingerprints.
This is an indicator that these are life scale lessons.
In other words, issues that you have specifically chosen to work through in this lifetime.

How do we give away our power?
How can we tell if this is a lesson of life scale proportion?

We give our power away
  • when we can't say 'no'
  • when we put our lives on hold for others
  • when we rescue others without allowing them to discover their own power.
  • when we doubt ourselves
  • when we try not to make waves
  • when we don't say what we really mean
  • when we try to keep everyone else happy
  • when we allow oursleves to be intimidated
  • when we have poor boundaries
  • when we look for our self worth in other people's eyes
  • when we allow others to run our lives
  • when we get energetically mixed up with others and their specfic needs and dramas

The first step toward dealing with these issues is being conscious of when you are giving your power away and how the pattern plays out in your life.

Hand analysis can help you recognise these patterns and give you pointers to dealing with them by identifying positive resources and perhaps even gift markers in your hand.

More information on this subject and special tips on how to stop giving your power away will be discussed in my newsletter. You can sign up at the top of this page.

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