Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What are your hands trying to tell you today?

Are you losing energy unnecessarily?
Are you hiding your deepest needs and desires from yourself?
Are you ignoring your talents and abilities?
Are you blocking unique opportunities?

Hands have a special way of communicating to their owners. Every day they can tell us something new. New markers or reminders about that can help you move your life forward. Some talent you might be ignoring waves a red flag to grab your attention.

The hollows, quality of lines, relative size of mounds and zones shows where you are leaking or over focussing energy.

The colour of your hands shows where deep needs and emotions are blocked.

Vertical lines show were you have extra energy available to you
Horizontal lines show where you are blocking energy.

Your lifeline shows how grounded you are.
Your headline shows how you process information.
Your heartline shows how you react emotionally.
Your fateline shows how you work with life's responsibilities.

Gift markers show rare abilities that may block your entire life if under-utilised or unrecognised.

Your fingerprints are the backdrop. Your life's unique blueprint.
They explain why you are here, what you have come to master.
What will make you feel fulfilled more than anything else.
and what keeps tripping you up along the way.

Your hands can tell you all this and much more.
They are your private maps for his lifetime.

To learn more about how you can use the information visible in your hands to move your life forward , sign up for my newsletter 'Hands are Mirrors' at the top of this page.

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