Friday, November 23, 2007

Do you know what you want?

This week we are going to look at desire pollution. What is it?
Have you got it? And, if you do, what to do about it.

Desire pollution is a marker in the hand that’s always
fascinated me.


Partially because it sounds positively toxic, and partially
because it IS just that. Positively Toxic. Particularly if you
don’t even know you’ve got it!

Usually, if I see this marker in a person’s hand, there is no
point in talking about anything else. This is a life threatening

So what is desire pollution?

Desire pollution is caused when we loose touch with our own
deepest wants and needs. We confuse our own personal desires
with those of others. Sometimes this is caused during early
childhood when we have a too demanding parent, an overly
dominant or extremely needy mother, for example. In this
situation, we might learn to put our own needs to one side
simply as a matter of survival. Then we adopt the needs of
others as our own wants because that’s what brings harmony and
safety into our lives.

This is an extreme example. Another cause could be that we’re
simply picking up too much information from other people. We’re
ultra-receptive to the wants and needs of others. This is like
hearing several inner voices at the same time and you’re not
sure which is really yours.

In its most extreme form, desire pollution is called the ‘iron

Terrifying name. Terrifying condition!

The effect creeps up on you gradually and the next thing you
know, the lights are on but no-one’s at home. You’re a stranger
in your own life, disconnected to your own deepest passions.
You’ll know you’re in the iron vest phase if you ever get there
because this is when your entire energetic system starts
shutting down to protect itself from further pollution, causing
you to loose all desire, including sxual desire. This is
different from ‘not being in the mood’. It’s like just not being
home at all.

So how do we avoid spiralling into this phase?

The remedy for desire pollution is time out. Time spent alone,
getting in touch with your own personal wants system and
rebuilding it from the ground up.

We humans are goal-orientated creatures. If we don’t have a goal
we’re like a heating seeking missile with no target. The result
is self-implosion. And if we give ourselves goals that are not
connected to our own deepest desires it’s like the wires of the
device are not properly connected to the real source of power.

So how do we connect our wires to our genuine power source? By
getting in touch with your own deepest wishes. What really
enflames you? What do you feel passionate about? What do you
really desire?

Is it possible that you don’t even know?

Whether you have this marker or not, here’s a brilliant exercise
to put the lights back on in your home.

Buy a box or two of index (3x5) cards and write just one of your
wants or dreams into the centre of each card. Write on the cards
vertically, rather than horizontally. Try to fill as many cards
as possible. Write huge things and little things. Material
wants, physical, emotional, and spiritual wants. What wishes do
you have regarding your family, your health, your finances, your
home, your government, your environment, your neighbourhood,
what do you want for this planet, your career, your friends,
work relationships, future travelling, food, exercise, your
spiritual development, outrageous fun, your artistic expression,
your parents, your brothers and sisters, ambitions, goals,
dreams…. Forget the how or the why for now. Just focus on
writing as many cards as you can dream up. Keep blank cards with
you and write on them whenever you think of a new quality or
thing you’d like to have in your life. Group these cards into
categories and keep looking at them daily. I’ve been doing this
exercise for the last year. It’s a fun thing to do and it’s
transformed my life. *

Even if you haven’t got desire pollution, I highly recommend you
get yourself a pack of cards today and start dreaming up a
bigger, clearer, more delicious future for yourself. It’s
possibly the most loving gift you can give yourself in this

Back to desire pollution. What does this marker look like?

Desire pollution is a star like formation that shows up on the
end of the headline. If you’d like to see what it looks like,
go here.

If you’d like to know more about other key marking in your
hands, sign up for my member’s page here.

If you’d like to find out what your talents are and how you
might be blocking your full potential, go here

To learn how to read your own hands, go here

* This vision card exercise comes from Dave Ellis author of
‘Falling Awake’ .
You can explore his wonderful work and access 12 more strategies
on his free resource page

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