Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12 days of Christmas - day 1

It's the season to be silly and the season to be serious.
Every day for the next 12 days I'll be posting something
here to help you plan the year ahead.
Something absolutely serious and something downright silly.

Day 1.
On the first day of Christmas my hand analyst gave to me...
A partridge in a pear tree?

No, no! Maybe not! Let's start again.

On the first day of Christmas my hand analyst gave to me...
'As a man thinketh' absolutely for free!

Download your copy of this life-changing mini book here:

The season to be serious?

The 12 nights of Christmas are the time when you dream up your future.
What big dreams are you dreaming up for the coming 12months and beyond?
I've made James Allen's classic available to you for the next few days.
This book will help you understand how your thoughts influence your reality.
Download it in the free zone until 6 January 2008, thereafter you'll find it anytime you like in the member's zone.

The season to be silly?

Other interpretations of 12 days of Christmas:

girls version?

boys version?

Dream big dreams! Have fun!

Your hands can help you fine tune your dreams.
Check the rest of my site to find out more.

Summary of 12 days of dreaming

Day 1 - ‘as a man thinketh’ ebook download
Day 2 - the most important quote this millennium
Day 3 - parable of the three big rocks Day 4 - making decisions
Day 5 - finding your core desire
Day 6 - knowing your conscious mind
Day 7 – the seven laws of the universe
Day 8 – how to change your luckDay 9 – your nine environments
Day 10- tapping into your genius mind
Day 11 - stepping beyond your comfort zone
Day 12 - the 12 month, 24 hour grace shower

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