Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 11- Stepping beyond your comfort zone

In order to grasp and fully utilise all the gifts offered to you on all the previous days
You need to learn how to step beyond your own comfort zone.

David Neagle teaches these skills in a seminar twice yearly, his next is in Las Vegas 15-17 January 2008. Listen to my interview with him here, get a free evaluation from a coach trained by him and have his CD program ‘Just Believe’ posted to you free of charge here. (I’ve checked it out. There is no pressure to buy anything. Accept this as a gift from the universe for having the courage to step beyond your comfort zone to embrace the idea that ‘receiving is also giving’. )

Learning to feel the fear and do it anyway

One has to learn to go through the zone of uncomfort. Normally we go into this zone and then step back. We have no training in going through the zone of discomfort to the zone of success.
Neagle says usually we only experience this as babies, being encouraged to walk. Later parents focus on teaching their children to be cautious rather than adventurous.. We don’t have the experience of going over the uncomfortable line into the zone where in becomes comfortable and where we experience a different result. This is an awareness that has to be learnt through direct experience. Neagle specialises in this training.

I like to think of the analogy of Elephants in India who can be bound by a tiny chord tied to a post. As a baby, the animal learnt that it couldn’t move the post. As it grows up it gives up trying. It simply believes it can’t break free. This is absolutely not true. As adults, they just haven’t tried and never do!! They are bound by their belief.
We are all like these elephants, bound by faulty programming, our belief in our own limitations.

We are raised to listen to listen to the voice of caution, to concerns, fears, irrational beliefs and this flips us back in the direction we don’t wish to go in.
Do you have the awareness to see the gift in whatever it is you are attracting? If you do, you can transform your life really quickly. (Everything you attract is an opportunity, where is the hidden gift?)

Learn how to be resourceful. The resources are there the whole time. One just has to seize them. One has to learn how to think on one’s feet to manifest something from nothing in a very short period of time.

Other thoughts from David:
Dealing with defensive people/children – when someone is defensive they are in fear of something being taken away, usually something being taken away from their identity. This makes them feel no good, not adequate. Help others/your children to think about themselves differently, not as a thing or a result. Teach them how to not be afraid to embrace whatever they want to embrace.

When you put up a shield, if you take down shield what will hurt? Get in touch with that hurt.

When thinking, feeling and action are all congruent that’s the stuff of miracles.

You can’t change something you are not aware of. Start being conscious of your thinking. Thinking about your thinking. Why do you have the beliefs that you have?

The decision making process is part of the process described in my email titled ‘seeing opportunities’ to read this newsletter see my blog by this name.

To summarise the process:

If you ask for something you are given an opportunity to grow towards what you seek.

The trick is:
Recognise the opportunity (you either do or don’t)
Make a committed decision (if you procrastinate it takes longer) (see day 4)
Learn to adapt and grow so that you can
See the next opportunity

For more information on these subjects, listen to my interview with David and take advantage of his 2 incredible gifts downloadable here.

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Happy dreaming and thanks!

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To learn how to read your own hands and use this information to transform your life,join my member's site for only $28 per month.

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