Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 9 - the nine environments of you

Information/skill is only responsible for 10% of your success, mind set for 40% but an incredible 50% of your success is based on your environment.

Therefore, on the 9th day of dreaming I bring you ‘the 9 environments of you.’

We can shape or craft our environments instead of having our environments control us.

In this time of dreaming, ask yourself, what one thing can you add or delete to each environment to improve your life.

Hand analysis helps you define your environment called ‘self’, your natural talents and core self. What about your other 8 environments? How are they impacting on you and what you can do to change or craft these environments to improve your life or achieve your dreams?

For more information on your 9 environments listen to
Jack Canfield's and Jim Bunch's free teleseminar on this subject. (70 minutes)
download load the visual material here (nice image of the 9 environments)

Also in this call:

Canfield’s 7 strategies for creating your ultimate life. your 10-30 year plan, ultimate life (if blocked its your memetics) high level players have a big vision. Creating the vision unleashes your power and aligns the universe. Look at what you would like all your 9 environments would look like. Create the vision.
2. focus on your 3 big wins for the year. (One for happiness, one for health one for wealth)
3. design your pre-game strategy
4. be a pro
5. recruit your dream team/ play partners
6. play full out and play to win. AAA raise your awareness, accountability, massive action.
7. master your game and review the game daily. The evening review: what could I have done better…no shaming or blaming. How do I want to do it better; replay it in my head the way I want to. To become effective you need to take time to review.

Happy dreaming!

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