Tuesday, December 18, 2007

seeing opportunities

I listened to an interesting talk the other night between
JamesRoche and David Neagle on the sly disguises of opportunity.

Neagle said something so profound it absolutely took my breathaway.
Something that I think nearly all of us trip over.

What's that?
He said, if you ask for something, it immediately comes to you in the form
of an opportunity.
However, if what you ask for requires your growth, the opportunity may
come disguised as misfortune or temporary defeat.
Often we don't even see it as an opportunity because it looks like a hurdle
rather than an opportunity! The big danger then is not to grasp the opportunity.

Why does the opportunity show up as a hurdle?
Because what you have asked for is not at the same level as you are.
It's usually much higher! You are therefore given an 'opportunity' that requires
you to move one step above where you are right now. In a nutshell: you are given an opportunity to grow. To stretch yourself to wherever you actually want to be.

But, here's the real gem.
Even if we do see the opportunity (for example, to develop new skills, hire a coach,
study or leave a job or partner) we very often don't act on it!

Why? Because we usually only see why we can't do it. Or why we can't do it right now.
Then we make a decision that keeps us stuck in the same place. The magic formula usually requires the opposite. It requires a radical leap of faith!

First we have to make the decision to grasp the opportunity. Only then do we get to see the next step.
Actually I know this is true. I've seen this play out in my lifeover and over.
And I've also been stuck on the other side just as often. Completely 'on hold'..
Seeing only the hurdle right in front of my nose instead of embracing the opportunity.

For example, we can't see where the money will come from. But actually, the first step is to seize the opportunity . Make the decision and commit to it fully. Even if it moves you right out of your comfort zone. Only then will you see where the money comes from. (You are actually flipping the coin here. We will talk about this later.)

Isn't life delicious!?
Neagle suggests:
When you ask for more love you get an opportunity to be more loving.
When you ask for more money you get an opportunity to provide more service.
When you ask for better health you get an opportunity to eat better etc.

Getting what you ask for is a three step process:
1. see the opportunity for what it is
2. make the decision to do it
3. change with the opportunity/ adapt and grow

The only things that actually slow the manifestation down are:
1. how you make your decisions (do you put it off?)
2. how fast you adapt to the change

To become an instrument for the music to flow through you, you have to discipline yourself to get there.

So what has this got to do with hands and laws of the universe?

Everything and nothing.

How this leap of faith works has to do with the law of polarity.
And what's that?

It's the principle that nothing exists in your life without its opposite also existing.
Everything has a shadow side. The only difference is: which side are you focusing on right now?Poverty is the same as wealth. Just the other side of the coin.
The question is: What side of the coin are you looking at?
Then.. that's your reality!
Flip the coin and you start experiencing the other side.

This law is absolutely demonstrated in your hands.
Your greatest strengths are also your weaknesses.
Which side are you focusing on?
Do you use your gifts or do you stay in their blocked shadow state?

Knowing you have this choice is what hand analysis is all about.
(Actually, knowing you have this choice is what life is allabout!)

We choose heaven or we choose hell with every breath.
If you would like to understand this principle more or have any questions,
please send them to me as I am interviewing David tonight.(more in next blog )

Please go to this page and type in your questions in the box right now.interview with David Neagle18 Dec 2007: 8pm Swiss time, 11am Pacific time, 2pm NY timeor here under comments

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