Monday, September 22, 2008

Is your nose right after all?

A friend of mine has a really special nose.
I swear she must have stolen it from
the sphinx. It's as broad as it is long
and it looks just like a pyramid.
Full of secrets and with an energy of its own.

It doesn't just sit there like other noses
frozen in the spotlight.
Instead, it expresses itself.

How so?

It flares up and butts in
just when you least expect it to.
And, on those rare occasions when it stands
firm, that's when it really makes a point.

Because this is how it reveals thoughts
that run in flagrant opposition to whatever
its owner is actually saying at the time.

So, when I'm not sure who to believe,
I always go with the nose!

The sad thing about this masterpiece is that its
owner thinks it needs fixing.

It's not the airbrushed variety one sees gracing
the glossies.

Why am I telling you this?

The other day I read this amazing quote:

“We only need to heal until we realize that we have
been just fine all along...
As soon as we say, 'I'm done fixing myself!'
Then we can really get on with things, forgetting the healing,
and beginning the revealing.” ~ Robin Rice ~

Fact is, there really is nothing wrong with you, or any part of you.
You are not flawed. There's nothing to fix but plenty to discover.

If you'd like to listen to a healing meditation by Rice
on this topic go here:

We get taught at a really early age to
focus on what's wrong with us, rather than what's right.
And it's not just our physical bodies under attack.

We 're progressively conditioned to feel smaller than
who we really are, inadequate and incomplete.

You can tell when children have had this lesson one
time too often, because that's when the light goes right
out of their eyes.

It's a kind of ripening process. Or rather a rotting.
You're ripe for the picking as soon as the rot sets in.


Because suddenly you're ripe for marketers to
sell you anything that might fix you. A myriad
magic potions and other recipes for completion.

Buy this and you'll be ok. Rub this cream on
your nose and you'll be loved.
Or maybe only a bright red Ferrari will do the trick?

Actually it's not your nose you need to fix
but your focus.

And your ability to really see yourself clearly in all your

You are a beautiful being. Perfect just as you are.
And far more wonderful than you imagine.

This is something you already know deep down in
your heart of hearts.

So how can you shift your focus?

Start listening to your nose more closely.

Acknowledge yourself where others don't.

Also, be nosy about yourself in a positive way.

Stick your nose into all your own business
and catch yourself each time you do something right
rather than something wrong. And give yourself
enough pleasure to make your nose flare each time,
no matter how small the act may seem.

Success is a process, not a destination.
And every step in the right direction deserves applause.

One of the best ways to acknowledge yourself is to get
your hands analysed.

Your hands show you what's right with you.

Your incredible potential. Your gifts, strengths or talents
and what you have to do to bring your higher
possibilities into the sunshine.

To treat yourself to a profound self awakening experience,
go here:

And as for your nose?
Trust it and follow it.
And allow it to shine more often.
It's magnificent and it nose it.
(sorry, couldn't resist!)
; )


send me a picture of your own magnificent conk
before Friday 26 September
and I'll give you a 20% discount on your next session.

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