Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day thought

I heard this cute joke about transformation yesterday
and because it's Mother's Day today it seems a relevant
time to share it with you:

Two caterpillars were sitting on a leaf when a butterfly
flew past.
The one caterpillar turned to the other and said,
'They'll NEVER get me to fly in one of those things!'

This makes me smile because it's so true.

There are phases all of us have to go through
whether we like it or not.
And whether we believe it or not.
And, who knows, it might even be better on the
other side!

It's the pupa stage that most of us keep avoiding.
What goes on in there is more than mysterious.

Metamorphosis sounds so grand. But what really happens
is more like total meltdown. Not one cell stays the same.
All of us have to go through this process sooner or later,
one way or another, if not in this lifetime maybe the next.

We birth ourselves. And we can't help not doing it.
In this sense we are all mothers. (Or mothers -to-be.)

So, happy Mother's Day!
May your time in labour be as short and pain-free as possible.

To help you with the process, here's a Mother's Day special
offer from me.

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