Friday, March 27, 2009

what's my life purpose?

Your life purpose is visible in your fingerprints.
So is the master key that controls your life -
your life lesson or archilles' heel.

This is the recurring issue or theme that keeps
tripping you up.

I will be posting regularly about how
to identify this master key and use it
to help you live a happy successful and fulfilled life
on my home page.

PLease go there now to find out more about how your life purpose
has two side, a shadow side and a light side.

If you are ignoring the main themes in your life you could
find yourself in the shadow side of your purpose.
In other words living the exact opposite of who you really are.

It's easy to rectify this problem. All you need to know is what
what to focus on and to be gentle with yourself while watching
yourself wrestle with the same stuff over and over.

This is why you are here! Just watching yourself and being compassionate
is enough to shift your energy in the right direction.

For more info on how to do this, subscribe to the rss on my homepage,

My new membersite is not up yet.
In the meantime I'd really appreciate your feedback
on the new look of my site.

What topics about hands would you like to know more about?
What are the burning issues in your life right now?

I'd like to show you how your hands can shed light on
virtually any question under the sun.

Give me a challenge! Something that you'd really like

I'll be linking my homepage to technorati, facebook and other network sites as soon as I've figured out how.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are you from the moon? (join us there today)

The other day a friend sent me a postcard that said:

To: Jena Griffiths
Address: The moon!

Next time I saw her I thanked her and said it was the first time anyone had ever got my address right!

Why am I so proud of this?

The moon is a very special part of your hand.
It represents the deep, largely unconscious side of you.
It’s also the seat of your sacred, spiritual side and source of imagination.

Here’s an easy way to understand this:
Hold up a hand and wiggle your thumb around.

Your thumb represents your will power.

Now try to touch the rest of your palm
and fingers of the same hand with your thumb.

Where can’t you touch?

The part of your palm that your thumb can’t touch is
called your moon. This is the part of you that your willpower can’t

Richard Unger, the person who taught me this,
calls the moon ‘your cellar’. Quite apt, because it’s
the bottom outer edge of the palm.

Are you a moon person?

Moon people are on this planet but not of it. They’re listening to a different drummer.
They’re the shamans, the clairvoyants, the spiritual teachers and the life coaches.

We’ll be going to the moon in today’s mastermind call.
Are you coming with us?

Time: 3.30pm Eastern, 12.30 noon Pacific, 9.30pm Switzerland and central Europe, 8.30 pm SA and UK. The call will be recorded if you can'tmake it live.

If you'd like to join us please sign in as a member and at the same time get access to a wealth of other information.

Would love to have you with us,

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

hand analysis tip: curvy equals emotional

In handspeak, curvy equals emotional.

A curvy heart line means an emotional communication style.
A curvy headline means an emotional thinking style.
A curvy attack line means there is lots of emotion invested in whatever issue is under attack.
A curvy thumb shape means your decisions are based on emotion.

How does this help you?

Knowing this stuff helps you to be more conscious and make more conscious decisions.
This is how one flips the switch between heaven and hell.

Heaven is when the lights are on, hell is when one is stumbling around bumping into painful experiences, or treading on other people's toes unwittingly.

Here's an example:
If you have a curvy head line this indicates a subjective thinking style. The more curved this (or any) line gets the more emotion involved.

But what does this actually mean?

As with everything related to hands, there's a positive and a negative side.
On the positive side, having a subjective brain means you'll be more empathetic, you can see the other side so you'll give the other person the benefit of the doubt, maybe even if they're busy robbing your house!

The negative side?
Having a subjective brain means you have a tendency to always take things personally.
Here's an example:

So, how to flip the switch?

Try not to take anything that anyone else says or does personally. Easier said than done but the key is to watch yourself in process. When you start getting upset about anything stop a moment. Ask yourself is this really true? How can I be sure? How does this thought make me feel? How would I feel without this thought? Then turn the thought around. Where's the mirror? In what way am I doing this to myself?

These 4 questions come from Byron Katie's 'Loving what is'.
A powerful way to flip the switch from hell back to heaven.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you a multi-tasker? The HAL headline giftmarker

If you have a long straight headline that goes almost
to the edge of your palm but not over it, you're built better than
the rest of us for multi-tasking. Still it doesn't mean
this good for you!
(See my newsletter or blog on the dangers of multitasking titled:
Are you trying to cook this and read your dinner at the same time? )

What is a HAL headline?

This is a gift marker first identified by Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand Analysis.

Unger named this headline after Hal 9000, the super computer in the movie, “2001:
A Space Odyssey”.

This marker indicates special multi-tasking capabilities, an octopus-like brain: Analytical, data collecting and very resourceful.

If this is you, you need a big, complex job to keep your brain busy . Like the computer called HAL, you need many problem solving situations and lots of mental stimulation to to stay happy, otherwise boredom kicks in and you risk self destructing.

Most people under 42 who have this marker are still in the "shadow side" of this gift marker: under employment leads to boredom and dissatisfaction which in turn leads to creating tangled webs in relationships to keep your mind occupied.

* What to do if you have this marker?

* Learn to trust your brain’s enormous capacity and your unique problem solving
* Don’t underplay, underestimate or under utilize this capacity or your need for
* Don’t try to lessen yourself to keep others happy. In the end your unhappiness
will affect everyone around you.
* Use your gift or risk self destructing by creating problems that don’t exist.

Have you found this blog useful? Leave your comments below.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hand analysis workshops in Switzerland

I'll be running two workshops in Switzerland this October.

Learn to read your own hands and fingerprints:
11 and/or 12 October in Sternenberg, Canton Zurich.
Find out more here: Learn to read your own hands and fingerprints

Also, together with Laurene Schaerer-Lindstrom,
a powerful Life Purpose Vision Workshop.

Laurene is an Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique practitioner and gifted healer. In this workshop we'll be combining our talents to bring you an awesome array of tools and techniques for working with your life purpose, clarifying intent and putting together a clear action plan to follow through on your dreams.

Life Purpose Vision Workshop:
31 October/1 November in Aarau.
Find out more here: Life Purpose Support Workshop

Warning: this weekend could change your life!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Is your nose right after all?

A friend of mine has a really special nose.
I swear she must have stolen it from
the sphinx. It's as broad as it is long
and it looks just like a pyramid.
Full of secrets and with an energy of its own.

It doesn't just sit there like other noses
frozen in the spotlight.
Instead, it expresses itself.

How so?

It flares up and butts in
just when you least expect it to.
And, on those rare occasions when it stands
firm, that's when it really makes a point.

Because this is how it reveals thoughts
that run in flagrant opposition to whatever
its owner is actually saying at the time.

So, when I'm not sure who to believe,
I always go with the nose!

The sad thing about this masterpiece is that its
owner thinks it needs fixing.

It's not the airbrushed variety one sees gracing
the glossies.

Why am I telling you this?

The other day I read this amazing quote:

“We only need to heal until we realize that we have
been just fine all along...
As soon as we say, 'I'm done fixing myself!'
Then we can really get on with things, forgetting the healing,
and beginning the revealing.” ~ Robin Rice ~

Fact is, there really is nothing wrong with you, or any part of you.
You are not flawed. There's nothing to fix but plenty to discover.

If you'd like to listen to a healing meditation by Rice
on this topic go here:

We get taught at a really early age to
focus on what's wrong with us, rather than what's right.
And it's not just our physical bodies under attack.

We 're progressively conditioned to feel smaller than
who we really are, inadequate and incomplete.

You can tell when children have had this lesson one
time too often, because that's when the light goes right
out of their eyes.

It's a kind of ripening process. Or rather a rotting.
You're ripe for the picking as soon as the rot sets in.


Because suddenly you're ripe for marketers to
sell you anything that might fix you. A myriad
magic potions and other recipes for completion.

Buy this and you'll be ok. Rub this cream on
your nose and you'll be loved.
Or maybe only a bright red Ferrari will do the trick?

Actually it's not your nose you need to fix
but your focus.

And your ability to really see yourself clearly in all your

You are a beautiful being. Perfect just as you are.
And far more wonderful than you imagine.

This is something you already know deep down in
your heart of hearts.

So how can you shift your focus?

Start listening to your nose more closely.

Acknowledge yourself where others don't.

Also, be nosy about yourself in a positive way.

Stick your nose into all your own business
and catch yourself each time you do something right
rather than something wrong. And give yourself
enough pleasure to make your nose flare each time,
no matter how small the act may seem.

Success is a process, not a destination.
And every step in the right direction deserves applause.

One of the best ways to acknowledge yourself is to get
your hands analysed.

Your hands show you what's right with you.

Your incredible potential. Your gifts, strengths or talents
and what you have to do to bring your higher
possibilities into the sunshine.

To treat yourself to a profound self awakening experience,
go here:

And as for your nose?
Trust it and follow it.
And allow it to shine more often.
It's magnificent and it nose it.
(sorry, couldn't resist!)
; )


send me a picture of your own magnificent conk
before Friday 26 September
and I'll give you a 20% discount on your next session.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hand Analysis at the Expat Expo

I was at the Expat Expo most of Sunday, reading hands and meeting wonderful new people from all walks of life . Luckily it was a rainy day so good to be indoors.

My table was wedged in between Avatar and a group of healers, herbalists and coaches from Wangen, a car-free village up in the mountains above Interlaken. Planet yoga was two down and also practitioners of the Gringerg method. A fascinating technique I've never heard of before.

It was a wonderful atmosphere, with everyone learning about each others' therapies and sharing their knowledge and sometimes sampling techniques. Amazing how everything is so interconnected. Some start with feet, others with spine or hands, but the journey always goes in the same direction.

I also discovered the Pie Shop! Pies are something lacking in Switzerland. The Swiss haven't yet realized quite what they're missing. Needless to say, they did a roaring trade among all the expats present.

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next online class is on Tuesday 23th

The next online mastermind class will be on Tuesday 23 September 2008
Time 9pm Swiss, central Europe, SA. 8pm Uk. 3pm Eastern (New York), 12 noon Pacific.
Topic: Are you someone who holds the lamp up so others to see more clearly?
Common hand shape combinations and what this reveals about you.

To join the class become a member here

To purchase previous classes go here.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hand analysis class on Mercury markers this Sunday

I'm back in Switzerland. Trying to catch up on the backlog.

I had a hectic time in Cape Town with courses, back to back consultations
at Welgelegen guest house, and attempts to catch up with friends in between. I've forgotten how much I love this city and its people. It really has something magnetic and magical about it.

Thanks to Fiona Evans and all her staff at Welgelegen for making me feel so welcome and at home. Thanks also to Cath for so generously giving me the use of her therapy room.

If you ever plan on visiting Cape Town I highly recommend this wonderful boutique hotel right in the center of Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain.

The Noordhoek workshop went well too. I was blessed with wonderful group of students who were a pleasure to teach. I'll be posting pictures in the near future. Thanks to Anthea Torr for the generous use of her beautiful home in De Goede Hoop estate.

Next online class.

This month we'll be having two mastermind calls to make up for the one missed last month while I was in S. Africa.

August Mastermind 1. Sunday 24 August 2008 at 6pm central Europe,
6pm South Africa, 12 noon US Eastern, 9am Pacific.

Topic: Are you quick sharp and clever? How Mercury shows up in your hands.

If you are a healer, writer, speaker or woman with a message this class is specially for you.
If you have problems speaking up for yourself or relationship issues, you'll also find this class really useful. We'll be looking at the Mercury (pinkie) finger and all markers related to or under this finger.
To join this class sign in here

August Mastermind 2: Wednesday 27 August 2008 at 9pm central Europe,
9pm South Africa, 3pm US Eastern, 12 noon Pacific.

Topic: Are you giving your power away without even realising it?
During this call we'll be looking at several power give away markers in hands, what they mean and what you can do if you're experiencing one of these situations.
Do you have trouble saying 'no'?
Are you stuck in someone else's movie?
Are you in your current relationship because you feel sorry for your partner?
Are you carrying a burden for your family?
Are you unsure what you really want?
These are just a few of the examples we'll be looking at in this class.

To join both these classes for only $19 sign in here

See you on the call.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hand Analysis talk in Cape Town this Saturday

My stay in the wonderful bushveld is drawing to a close.
My son and I have just had a fantastic game drive at Tsukudu game reserve,
right up to elephant and other game.
Jules was delighted because he got to stroke a tame cheetah.

On Saturday at 2pm I'll be giving a free half hour talk at Welgelegen guest house in Gardens.
After the talk I'll be doing mini readings. If you'd like to attend please contact

Sunday 10th is the date of the Cape Hand Analysis course in Noordhoek.
We've had one last minute cancellation so if you'd like to fill this spot please contact 073 516 1099.

We had a fantastic turn out for the Jhb course end of July. The class was made up of both experienced and new hand readers. We covered a lot of material but focused on gift markers. This is the same course I'll be giving in Cape Town.

enjoy the sunshine wherever you are in the world.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

mastermind class postponed until I'm back in Switzeralnd

I'm in darkest africa in a place beyond broadband and even cellphones.

I've been exploring all the facilities in the region to see how I could do this month's mastermind class.
I've finally had to come to terms with the fact that it's just not going to be physically possible
so I'm going to relax instead and enjoy being here!

We have giraffe, duiker, kudu and warthog in our garden, eating my mother's
precious lawn and bouganvillia. My mother's garden pests!!

I'll be back in Switzerland from the 18 Aug.

We'll do 2 classes next month to make up for this one.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you putting the cart before the horse?

God has been washing cows virtually non-stop in Switzerland for several days now. They're all squeaky clean again and they've been given their bells back.

Which is probably why you haven't heard that much from me recently - my brain is busy being re-tuned for summer.

Offline I've been exploring topics related to deep democracy and how to get all your sub personalities pulling in the same direction.

Actually what has really been going on is that each of my sub personalities has been trying to write this article all on its own, from his or her very own point of view, so I've got several different drafts going on with apparently no common thread.

I guess the main issue is cows and carts and how we humans often have these things back to front without realizing it. And how this explains why sometimes the cart doesn't depart even under severe pressure.

I think the person who understood cows and the universe more than anyone else on this planet was Gary Larson. My favorite GL cartoon of all time is the one of a cow couple in their living room.

Do you know it?

The 'husband' cow is sitting in front of the TV nursing a beer. The 'wife' has a string of pearls around her neck and is standing, gazing longingly out the window. They obviously have a very cozy home with all the usual trimmings. But she has just said to him: 'Harold, I am not content!'
Naturally the poor fellow has a look of perplexed horror on his face.

I think this cartoon pretty much sums up life on this planet for we humans. We think we'll be happy once we have x or y or z. And then when we actually get it, oops, maybe this wasn't what we really wanted after all because we still feel the same.

Luckily we have a few wise souls around who've apparently achieved total detachment. What this actually means is that they finally had enough of all the pushing and shoving to stand back at last and take in the whole scenario from a distance.

From where they're standing it's pretty obvious we've got things back to front in more ways than one. This is what they've been trying to tell us all these years but most of us just won't have it.

So how have we got the cart before the cow?

Here are 5 ways I know of. Each can stop your cart dead in its track unless you turn the whole thing the other way round.

The first is to do with making happiness conditional. We think we first have to do something/succeed (get a divorce, whatever) then we can be happy. Actually it's the other way round. Happiness precedes success. You can be happy right now instead of first waiting for the cows to come home. And more likely it will cause them to want to come home because they'll sense your good vibes.

It's hard to admit that we have total choice over our emotions. All we actually have to do to change how we are feeling is make another choice.

I remember the first time this dawned on me. It was about a zillion years ago when I was a young student sitting in the library cramming for an exam in abnormal psychology. The more cases I read the more depressed I got. I was pretty sure I had every single one of those terrible mental conditions described in the textbook, including a simple personality! Eventually I could take it no more and I went off to drown my sorrows in the student canteen. At the entrance there was a photo display of a squatter camp in Cape Town called Crossroads. I was absolutely shocked by the photos. Not because of the squalor or poverty but because everyone looked so happy! These beautiful black and white photos of joyous smiling faces on people who owned absolutely nothing cured me in a flash of about 100 different conditions of schizophrenia, psychosis, various manias etc. I was deeply humbled and grateful at the same time. There was nothing wrong with me or my life whatsoever and I chose to be happy instead of sad from that moment on, just like the beautiful people in the photos. Byron Katie's book: Loving What Is, is a good resource for this technique.

Something similar is putting your whole life on hold until X or Y happens. The next time you blink you're in a rocking chair wishing you'd lived your life instead of just intending to.

Thirdly, is the idea 'seeing is believing'. Apparently we have this completely back to front and even scientists, whose credibility hangs on this premise, are beginning to come round to the possibility that actually the opposite is true: believing is seeing.

Fourthly, is the idea that making mistakes should be avoided. We think we need to be perfect before we get the show on the road. In fact it's the other way round, practice makes perfect. You can't improve without feedback and you can't get feedback without practice.

Number 5 is the one that really blows my mind. This is called Ho'oponopono. Basically what it means is that whatever your husband says or does (or even thinks!) really is totally and absolutely all your fault!! Well, I'm kidding, and I'm not. Ho'oponopono is the Hawaiian code of forgiveness.

Have you ever heard of a guy from Hawaii called Dr Len? Apparently he cured a whole ward full of dangerous criminals just by working on himself, deciding what part of himself each of these criminals was reflecting and saying 'I love you I am sorry.' You can read more about this here.

Everything that shows up in your life is a fragment of you. The more you change in the inside the more this is reflected in the world and people around you.

I think the best way to understand this whole situation is to think of a hall full of mirrors. If you don't show up yourself, the hall will be empty.

As soon as you reach out, then so does the whole hall/ world that surrounds you.

Cart before cow? We usually think it works the other way around. If someone else loves and supports me then I will to.

How can hands help with making your cart go forwards?

Your hands are the interface between you and the world. Think of them as your rear view mirrors. If you can see a cow in them you're facing the wrong way (only kidding!) Your hands are mirrors and they can show you when you're busy putting your lipstick on your eyebrow instead of slightly lower down.

Now why didn't you tell me sooner it was a horse's behind I should be looking at and not a cow's? Don't tell me this is all my fault! I already know it!
; )

Hand analysis tip:

What do wrong way round carts look like on hands?

They look just like little carts but from an aerial perspective.
If you have a box on your heart line under the middle finger
this means you feel like you're in a logistic logjam,
boxed in by the details of your every life.
If you have cross hatching inside this box then the situation is much more extreme. Time to have your hands read!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend (FREE hand analysis teleclass Wednesday, 21st May.)

Diamonds are great to have, but not when it comes to markers in your hand.

Unlike stars, diamonds are line formations you really don't want to have in your hands.

Why not?

Because usually they mean frozen energy of one sort or another. What they mean exactly depends on where they show up in your hands.

Diamonds under your middle finger (Saturn) are quite rare. If you've got this marker in your hand you'll be keen to get rid of it because it mean frozen assets.

This is a marker that forms when you your money reserves or property is chronically blocked. At a deeper level; it has to do with blocked inner assets. Hands are a perfect reflection of how one's outer world reflects one's inner reality. This is a great example. Saturn diamonds indicate that you have talents and gifts that you are not conscious of that can't be utilized until you start paying attention to other markers in your hands. We'll be discussing this marker and several others related to Saturn in tomorrow's mastermind class.

The next mastermind class - you're invited!

Tomorrow's next mastermind class is Wednesday, 21 May, 2008 at 9pm Swiss and South African time. (12 noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern.)

You're invited to attend just this once, free of charge.

We'll be looking at all the ways Saturn energy shows up in your hands.

This gory painting by Goya is my favorite image of Saturn, also known as Chronis, the god of time who ate his children.
Saturn does this sort of thing if you don't pay attention to him!

Saturn is a hard task master. He's all about time, detail, money responsibility and contracts.
He's a master teacher and he specializes in issues related to self worth, value, integrity and guilt. We'll be looking at your middle finger, the lines and other markers that show up under this finger and what they mean specifically.

We'll be looking at the connection between self worth and integrity and also how your hands reveal what ingredients are missing or where you need to focus more to keep Saturn from gobbling you up.

If you'd like to listen in to this class you can register at the bottom of the member's page for free. Once you register you'll be given the link to the webcast page where you can listen in live or to the replay after the call. You'll be amazed what you can learn about yourself in so short a space of time! If you don't wish to stay in the group simply unsubscribe yourself straight after the call.

Good News for South Africans

There have been some changes to the calender of my SA visit.
Johannesburg consultation dates will now be 14, 15 and 16 July and
Cape Town 12, 13 and 15 August.

The bushveld life purpose retreat will be 25/26 July. To find out more about joining me for this life transforming weekend, visit the retreat.

Now the good news: I have decided to keep my prices at the early bird rate throughout my stay. For bookings or more information please contact

Regarding the hand analysis classes, seats are filling fast and numbers will be limited to 10 participants. If you wish to attend be sure to book soon. I've changed the structure of the course to include all the basics you need to get started reading hands. The course will include a comprehensive manual on the 6 essential steps to reading hands and fingerprints. For more details about the course content contact me direct on or go here.

Interview series

The other news is that I'll be interviewing Ghanshyam Singh Birla on June 23rd.
More on this soon.

To register for tonight's mastermind class free of charge sign in at
the bottom of the member's page.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

What type of antennas do you have?

The tips of your fingers reveal how you perceive the world. They are your antenna types. They indicate both your receiver and transmitter style. Your antennas filter information coming in from the world around you.

Round square spatulate pointy

There are 4 basic finger tip types: rounded (conic), square, spatulate and pointy. As usual this can be related to the elements:
Water, earth, fire and air, and in this case, etheric.

Look at your hands right now. What tip type do you have?

It's quite possible that you have a different shape on each finger. If that's the case, hang fire, we're get there.

Most people have rounded (conic) tip types. This a water characteristic, indicating a tendency to be friendly, sociable, cheerful, emotional, impulsive, imaginative and easily influenced. Children usually have rounded finger tips. The shadow side? You could try too hard to please others. Index (Jupiter) fingers are usually rounded.

Square tipped fingers indicate order and exactitude. This is a practical earth attribute related to precision, regularity, caution. The shadow side? People with square tips could play the tyrant if these characteristics are taken to the extreme. Middle fingers (saturn) are often square shaped because this is the same energy that runs through this finger.

Spatulate tips indicate creativity, originality, inventiveness and a need for endless action. This is a fire characteristics. The shadow side? Are you a whirlwind, changing everything around you just for the sake of it? Ring fingers (apollo) are usually slightly spatulate. Makes sense because creativity is the energy associated with this finger.

Pointy finger tips indicate a spiritual focus. This is an etheric attribute. People with these tip types are in this world but not of it: highly intuitive, dreamers, poets and mystics. The shadow side? therre's always a danger of becoming too fanatical. Pinky and index (Mercury and Jupiter) fingers get pointy more often than other fingers.

If your fingers are not all the same tip type then which shape is on which finger is important. When ever pointy tips show up individually this is a big deal. As are any shapes out of the norm, such as a square tip on a pinky finger or a rounded tip on Apollo.

How can you tell what this means?

Briefly, each finger has a differnt type of energy running through it. Index fingers have Jupiter energy such as leadership and vision. Middle fingers express saturn energy, such as structure, systems and detail. Ring fingers express apollo energy. In other words, how you express your creativity. Little fingers (Mercury), are to do with communication and relationships, both inner and outer (left hand vs right).

So, simply combine the two characteristics. If your pinky is pointy this means mean spiritual communication is vital. This is the mark of a spiritual advisor or psychic. It also means this person wants a partner who is willing to walk this path with them or at least endorse and support their mission.

A square tipped pinky indicates good business sense. A pointy middle finger is more rare. This is called the druid's cap. This indicates an interest in obscure or ancient systems, cosmology, etc. Conic shaped ring fingers are also unusual. This indicates a need for visual harmony. If you have this type of ring finger, chances are you pin your friends down and pluck their eyebrows or do whatever it takes to restore your own sense of visual harmony!

Keen to know more about hands?
Join the hand analysis online mastermind.

The next class is 21 May 2008.

You could also listen in to the next class for only $1 and then decide. You won't get immediate access to all the the information currently available in the exclusive area of this site but you will be able to listen in to our next online class. You'll also be able to download the replay and all the reference material for the call.
If you like what you hear stay in the group, in your second month you'll get access to full membership benefits. If you don't wish to stay simply unsubscribe.
Listen in to the next call.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Know your clients at a glance - palmistry class

Just to let you know that the April Hand Analysis Online
Mastermind class takes place in a few hours.

Topic: Know your clients at a glance.

We'll be discussing hand shape, thumb and finger

You'll learn how to communicate differently with
clients depending on their temperament and
communication needs.

Date: Monday 21 April 2008.

Time: 9pm Switzerland/Central Europe and SA, 3pm EST,
12 noon PST

If you wish to attend this class or have access to the replay
please sign up on the member's page:

A recording of the class will be mailed to all members later in
the week.

The purpose of this mastermind group is to teach you to
understand the language of hands as quickly and simply as

There are several other advantages to joining the group.

Here are just some:
When you sign in you will be sent inked sheets so that your
prints can be discussed during in the classes.
You'll learn what your life purpose and life lessons are.
You can download the basics immediately plus several free
You can access important reference books, such as Gift Markings
for highly reduced prices.
Also, for a limited time, Beth's 80% discount on her 10 finger
zones classes will still be available to members of my
mastermind study group.

If you are serious about learning the language of hands,
join us on the call later today. Or sign up and get the CD sent
to you to listen to at your leasure.

We look forward to having you with us in the class.

Happy week,

PS: To register for tonight's call, become a member here:

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can you do cartwheels?

Jules is on the trampoline practicing his somersaults. It's been
a long process getting to where he is now. His aim is to land on
his feet after each somersault. These days he does
occasionally get it right but, more often than not, he lands
flat on his bottom.

Does this faze him? No! Almost before he lands, he's up again,
ready for another attempt.

Watching him makes me think about us adults. How many of us
actually allow ourselves the luxury of so much trial and error?
We all know practice, practice, practice makes perfect. But
somehow most of us try to skip the icky middle part of the

We judge each botched attempt as 'failure' rather than what it
really is. Just another attempt. If only we could learn to
praise, even celebrate ourselves, just for being out there
trying, we would change our results dramatically.

The other thing that trips us up is we think we have an
audience. Usually a whole tribe, with bones through their noses,
baying for our blood or waiting for a good excuse to laugh up
their sleeves. This is an illusion!

Maybe the only way around this is to play with the illusion.
Visualise your whole tribe, bones and all. And see them cheering
and pounding drums every time you stand up for another attempt.

Paul Scheele, father of photoReading did an interesting
experiment once to demonstrate how we learn. He got 2 people to
undertake the same task in front of a large audience.

One got an alarm each time he did something wrong. The other got
an alarm each time she did something right. The difference in
results was astonishing. The one froze after a while and eventually and gave up. The other achieved the goal in practically no time at all and walked away feeling like a queen!

The question is, can we adjust our own inner alarms so that they
don't blast us out the water every time we dare to actually
practice? Can you reward yourself for trying, rather than beat
yourself up for not getting it perfect each and every time?

Back to cartwheels.

Ever since I watched a dear friend do cartwheels across the road
at a cycle race I've secretly wanted to do them too. They seem
such a fun, playful way to express
That was 20 years ago and still I can't do cartwheels!

Why not?
Fear of falling. Fear of looking like a fool while falling.
And stalling: putting things off til tomorrow!

So, what to do?

There are 2 healthy choices and one unhealthy one.
The healthy choices are: Either give up on the dream and make
peace with this or actually walk through these fears to the
other side.

The unhealthy choice? Keep saying: next year I'll do it!

Why is this unhealthy? Because every time you promise yourself
something and don't carry through, you're training yourself in
failure. Do this often enough and it becomes a habit that'll put
your life on autopilot in exactly the wrong direction.

Okay then, cartwheels here I come!
Yiiiiiiii, what have I said?

Once this choice is made, how does one actually walk through the flames?

Nothing beats finding a helping hand. Someone you trust like a
big safe cushion. Who'll keep applauding every fluffed attempt.

That's another area we slip up. Even if we know someone like
this, we're often too shy to ask them for help. We simply don't
realise that most people would feel honoured rather than put

I've enlisted my son Jules as my trainer! He's already moved me
from straight rolls to knee flips. His reward? He gets to crack
the whip and mama jumps! But, what if he laughs?
I'll simply have to read this as affection!

Before I could finish writing this, we had a big storm and
Jules's trampoline did a few cartwheels all on its own. Luckily
Jules wasn't on it or he could have ended up like Dorothy, in
another land altogether. It needs repair but there's an upside:
it was on a slope and, until now, he could only really
use half of it. Now there really is no excuse not to dig out the
entire area underneath it or reinstall it in a better place.

Good luck with your own cartwheels this week,
in whatever field you care to make them.

If you're feeling shaky, think of me and my 9 year old
sadist..Yiiiiiiiiii!!, thank God for wind! ;-)


PS: If you'd like to improve the cartwheels in your life,
the first step is to figure out what pattern they follow.

You can do this through hand analysis.

PSS: To learn how to use the info in your hands for more health,
wealth, love and happiness, go here:

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is your life in danger of being hijacked?

In some countries there is a very real danger of being hijacked
and having your car stolen. In other countries it’s your biggest
dreams that get taken, right from under your nose.

I’m not sure which is worse. A gun squeezed against your temple
for your car keys, or a dream squeezed out of you at an early

In Switzerland, more than any other country, the risks of having
your car keys taken are virtually nil. I’ve left my keys in the
ignition for years and I can’t seem to tempt anyone! (But then
maybe this is a reflection of my car rather than the country!)
Still, dream hijacking is huge. And just because you can’t see
the violence, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

So, how do dreams get hijacked?

Have you ever watched a frigate bird in action?

This is a big black sea bird. Frigates are the pirates of the
bird world.
They even look like pirates! These birds hover up high waiting
for other seabirds to catch a fish.
As soon as they spot one with a full beak they dive bomb. The
poor gull gets such a fright they drop their dinner and the
frigate scoops up the bounty without missing a wing beat.

Something similar happens in the human world. It’s called shame
and humiliation. Children are most vulnerable to being shamed or
humiliated. So are people who haven’t really examined who they
are and what they stand for. You get bumped and whoops. Next
minute you’re on another track, and your life feels empty.

How does this work?

Something happens to cause you to feel deeply shamed. (You get
dive-bombed) This is an unbearable feeling and often the only
solution is to simply numb out. The more you numb out, the more
you lose touch with your core desires. (You drop your fish, the
one thing that feeds you.) This then causes you to numb out even
more. You’re no longer connected to your feelings. Now anything
can happen. You have no boundaries, maybe even no respect. You
become putty in anyone’s hands, easily molded. This causes even
more numbness and eventually (if you’re lucky!) anger or

Why lucky? Well then you know something’s wrong and you can fix

This sounds extreme and it can be, especially in cases of sexual
violation. But what about shaming as a form of social control,
by teachers or over-authoritarian parents? We get trained to
tow the line, conform, be responsible and quit dreaming. So we
put our deepest dreams on hold, often for an entire lifetime.
Sometimes the only way to cope with this violation is to numb
out completely to your heart’s calling. We become numb to our
own feelings and deep passions. Sometimes this numbness is so
deep and has lasted so long we don’t even know it exists!

So, what can we do?
We can find out who we really are and what we really want. A
very good way to do this is through hand analysis.

Also, ask yourself: who really is steering my life?

If you don’t choose what you want to do with every minute of
your life, someone else will do this for you!

Look back at your last week, last month, last year.
To what extent did you do what you really wanted or was it
someone else’s idea?

Sometimes we think we are steering but actually we aren’t!

How so?

We are creatures of habit and habitual thinking. Most of our
habits come from our parents or early teachers.
As Bob Proctor says: “You are the product of someone else’s
habitual way of thinking.”

To what extent are you conscious of the habits and belief
systems controlling your life? To what extent are you making
decisions based on faulty thinking inherited from your family:
generational fear, ignorance, stories told over and over? We
can’t change what we are not aware of.

The good news?
You can change any habit or belief you like. It takes only 21
days of willpower and then the new habit/belief becomes
automatic and runs on autopilot.
The problem is, we often don’t know what faulty thinking is
running our lives. If you don’t know what to change, you can’t
change it!

Questions I ask myself: what are the secondary benefits to
staying blocked? What am I currently getting out of not moving

To what extent are you aware of the choices you make and your
core values?
And to what extent are you in touch with your deepest heart’s
desire: Your soul’s calling?

Are you being blocked from living your passions by faulty family
thinking? Or are you being blocked by shame?

The more you explore what’s really blocking you, and what you
value, the freer you become to live the life of your dreams.

The way I see it, here are 4 steps: 1. Explore who you are (hand analysis)
2. Explore what you really want. Are your wants really your
3. Explore what you stand for (your values)
4. Figure out what’s blocking you.

Why know your values? Because if you know what you stand for you
can’t get bumped/humiliated.
Also, if your wants clash with your values then they are probably
not your wants but someone else’s.

Here’s a small example from my life. The other day I went to
visit a friend and I took a video with me of my son ‘practicing’
his violin. I thought the video was rather funny but my friend
was horrified. There he was, strumming this delicate precious
instrument singing, ‘I’ve got a little guitar, oh yeah!’
Actually she was more than horrified. It was painful for her to
even look at the video and she chastised me for allowing it.
If I didn’t have a clear idea of what my values are, that I
value creative expression over material object, I may have felt
deeply shamed and would have started tightening up on Jules in
ways that don’t align with my heart.

But let’s push this to the extreme. What if he stomps on his
violin and sets fire to it like Jimmy Hendrix?
I’ll probably just strangle him! He can do that when he’s a
virtuoso and bought the thing himself.
Yes, Jules does have to learn to respect and care for his
instrument and, as his mother, this is my responsibility to
teach. But I believe he also has to be free to experiment.
Where to draw the line? There are no right and wrong answers
here. It is just a question of values and why you need to be
completely clear about what you personally treasure most.

What do you value most in life? Freedom or security? Beauty or
creative expression? Family or independence? Pure air or owing a
car? Once you know what you stand for you cannot be shifted off
course by other people. You cannot be shamed. You will be less
likely to drop your fish when a frigate dive-bombs you. You’re
prepared! You’ve thought about the subject and made a conscious,
rather than unconscious choice.

Back to blocked passions and finding out what yours are. There’s
Hand analysis for showing you where you are blocked. And there’s
David Neagle for helping you leapfrog over faulty family

How do blocked passions show up in hands?

This issue can show up in the fingerprints or in the lines.
If it shows up in the fingerprints, this is a major issue in
your life.
How does it show up in fingerprints? The lowest ranked
fingerprint is on left index finger.
And in Lines? Look for a combination of these:
An attack line to the Pluto area (anger from
thwarted ambitions) or career line
An attack line to Saturn (a depression indicator)
An index finger that bends away from the thumb (a power giveaway
A heart line that has fork down into the Mars area (can’t say
A co-dependency line (not in own movie)
A career line that starts inside the lifeline (parent’s chose
Bubbles, Grills, diamonds or boxes under the middle finger or on
the headline (indecision etc related to career)
A bubble on the bottom of the lifeline (a burden of family
These just some of many examples.

If you would like to learn more about these indicators and how
they can help you to better understand yourself and others,
join us in the member’s area, for more in-depth information.

If you are not interested in learning hand analysis, then I
suggest the following:
1. First have your hands analysed to figure out who you are/your
hidden potential/what's blocking you:

and then

2. Work with David Neagle to shift your life in the direction
you wish to take it.
Click on ‘coaching’ on this link and you can get the first 2 months free!

Happy reclaiming your life!

PS: To have your hands analysed, go here:
Or push reply to this mail.

PSS: To check out free courses from David Neagle go here:

PSS: To learn how to use the information in your hands to be a
happier healthier you, join my members site here:
(there are many resources in this area over and above hand analysis.)

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Monday, February 4, 2008

How rats can change your fortune.

Just when I thought all the hullabaloo of New Year was over
along comes Marie Diamond (Feng shui guru of gurus) with the reminder that 7 February is New Year according to the Chinese scheme of things.

You might think, I’m not Chinese! What has this got to do with me? !
A lot actually because this calendar is tied in to energetic moon cycles that affect the entire planet. This is not a hard and fast fixed date like our New Year is, but varies from year to year.

The first time I really took notice of this calendar was when my son was born 9 years ago in Phuket. His Thai birth certificate says he was born in the year 2542! (year of the rabbit).
They count the years from Buddha not Christ).

Funnily enough he was born on Easter Sunday, which is one of the few days on our calendar that ‘floats’ the way the Chinese NY does. (Also, being year of the rabbit, he really is the Easter Bunny!)

The other day I overheard him talking to friends. He told them, although we celebrate his birthday on 4 April, his real birthday is the 8th!

I chipped in with, ‘Huh…..???? How do you work that out?’ and he said, ‘Well, I was born on Easter Sunday and Easter Sunday was the 8th!

This started me off on a rather convoluted explanation of how Easter Sunday is different every year and when he was born it just happened to be on the 4th. In response, he very quickly pointed out how lucky he was having 2 birthdays every year instead of just one like everyone else!

We’re not all as lucky as Jules to have two birthdays a year, but we can all enjoy two New Years quite legitimately if we’re willing to embrace the opportunity.

So, if you’ve already blown your New Year’s resolutions, here’s your second chance! Tell everyone you work according to the Chinese calendar, which is far more ‘in tune’ with your inner needs!

What has this got to do with luck, let alone hand analysis?

We each have 3 kinds of luck. One third is Heaven luck, one third Human luck and one third Earth luck.

Heaven luck has to do with everything you were born into. The day and place you were born, your gender, the family you were born into etc. For a hand analysis point of view, your dermatoglyphics (fingerprint pattern) is part of your heaven luck.

Why? Your fingerprints show your highest and lowest energy before you were born (from a family DNA point of view or a karmic wound point of view depending on what you believe). This is the part of you that needs to be grown. The real reason why you are on this planet.

Your hands also show your Human luck: Your talents, temperament and other personality resources and how you can best use those resources.

Earth luck is not visible in your hands. But you can use your hands to change Earth luck more easily than the other two lucks.

How? By consciously manipulating your environment, adding, removing or moving objects that cause either beneficial or harmful energies into your surroundings. This can be obvious, like electro smoke or radioactive material or subtler, like Feng shui activators. You can also use your hands to improve the energy around you with intention.

So, how can you hop into the Chinese NY on the right foot?

Between now and the 7th Feb, change your doormats for a fresh start. Activate various Feng shui stars if you are into that sort of thing. For example, bring abundance in your life by putting a long pointy quartz crystal in the East part of your home.

And what’s with the Rat?

Marie Diamond’s advice:
“To bring the support of the Earth Rat year into your life, place a small (two to three inches) quartz crystal or a yellow or gold stone such as amber in the North area of your living room or workplace. Look for one that has a long shape so it resembles the shape of a little mouse. If your Chinese astrological animal is the Rat, or if you are the Rat’s ally or secret friend (Dragon, Monkey, and Ox), place an image or object of a mouse or rat instead of the crystal. For children this can even be a cartoon image if preferred.”

So, to risk being told I’m repeating myself…..Happy New Year!!!
; ))

To access skills for dreaming big dreams for yourself in the year of the rat, visit the12 blogs I posted on the 12 days of dreaming by simply scrolling down.
Day 8 has more on heaven, human and earth luck.
Day 7 is all about 7 laws of the universe. This is the material we combine with your hands in my mastermind group.
If you'd like to learn how to do this, join my mastermind group here.
To forward this blog to a friend, please click on the envelope below.
If you enjoyed this blog, please post a comment.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Stop. Breathe. Smile!

Yesterday I interviewed Taoist teacher Casey Kochmer on the 'art of being'.

Casey shared some really useful tips about dealing with stress, living in the now and bringing harmony and balance into our lives.

You can listen to the replay here:
or download it onto your computer or ipod for later.

If you don’t have time to listen to the full interviewm here’s Casey’s main advice:

Whenever you find yourself in a stressful or uncertain situation:
Stop. Breathe. Smile.

In other words, stop whatever you are doing or thinking for a moment.
Focus on your breathing.

Simple as that.

Just thinking maybe we could simplify further by remembering this technique as
SOS. ‘O’ being the shape of your mouth when you take a deep breath.

Interesting how similar the philosophy is between Taoism and hand analysis.
Namely, the law of polarity, the paradox principle and the ying/yang principle are all the same thing. You can’t have one element without also having its opposite. The seeds of one pole are at the core of the other. Eg. The seeds of success are inside every failed attempt.

I’ll summarise some key points Casey made in the next blog .

To learn more about how to combine these principles with the information visible in your hands, join my monthly study group here

To find out more about Casey and his taoist retreats go here

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is your partner your ideal mate?

Today we're going to look at our heart lines and how they can help us live happier lives.

Your heart line reveals your emotional type.

Why is it important to know your type?

Because each type has different emotional needs and a different
relationship style.

The key to being a happy healthy you, is to live your type.

The key to building successful relationships (of any nature) is knowing your emotional style and needs. The more you are in touch with your own emotional needs the easier it is to make sure you get loved the way you need to be loved.

One of the most common mistakes we make is expecting others to love us the same way we love them. In reality, we all need to be loved in different ways. It helps to know what works for you and what doesn’t and then communicate this.

Another reason to know your type has to do with natural attraction.

What keeps the energy flowing between two people?


Like attract like?

or do

Opposites attract?

Actually, both!

Like-minded thinking is what keeps the train from derailing.
But opposite temperament is what propels the train forward.

To keep a relationship on track it helps to have:
Shared values,
Shared beliefs about what planet we’re on and how it works
Shared dreams or goals
Shared ideas about child rearing
Mutual respect…..

Without this common ground it’s virtually impossible to make a relationship work, irrespective of how big the spark was in the beginning.

But when it comes to temperament, there’s a different force that binds us. Here opposites really do attract. There is a strong yin-yang push-pull force propelling, attracting, bonding us and keeping the energy dynamic and flowing.

Ever see couples sitting in a restaurant with virtually nothing to say to each other? It’s as if there is no dynamic, the energy just doesn’t flow.
This could be because they’re just too similar, or totally incompatible.

The danger here is that one person may try to adjust him or herself to fit the other person’s needs. As I mentioned before, to be a happy healthy you, you need to live your type.

Are you living your type?

What heart line type are you? There are 4 basic types.

Earth heart line types need freedom and hate clinginess
They show their affections through actions rather than words.
Their relationship style is reserved, ‘Not now, I’m busy.’

Water types need connection. They are sensitive and caring
They are sometimes too giving and flexible and seek to be contained.
Their relationship style is nurturing.

Water and Earth types compliment each other perfectly.

Fire types are vivacious and like to be the centre of attention. They need passion and hate boredom. They are challenged to focus and may over display inappropriately.
Relationship style: let me tell you what I want.

Air types are romantic idealists. They are thoughtful, considerate, and rational and hate conflict. Their relationship style is analysis paralysis; to think about feelings rather than express them in the moment.

Fire and air types compliment each other perfectly.

To figure out your heart line type, go here

Once you’ve figured out what type you are, here’s a simple exercise to help you get more in touch with whether your needs are being met.

Write down 8 needs you have right now. Then draw a cup alongside each need and indicate how full this cup is at the moment.

Get your partner to do the same and share your cup drawings with each other.

Now write 8 things you really like about your partner and share these too.
Appreciation is often the thing we need most. It costs nothing to give, but it enriches both sides once given.

Wishing you a week full of love and appreciation,
Thanks for staying with me right to the end!


PS: To find out more about heart lines,
go here.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

On being more self supportive

Thought for the day:

“You can't help someone get up a hill without getting
closer to the top yourself.”–H. Norman Schwarzkopf

If there was anyone who really needed to read a blog
on self support last week it was me!!!

Is this fact positive or negative?

This question is the starting point and the key.

We support ourselves when we realise that no matter who we
are, where we are, or how disastrous our lives are right
now, there’s always one thing that we alone control fully.
And by changing this one thing we change everything.

So, what is this one thing?

Our attitude.

Everything in life has a flip side.
The question is: which side do you focus on?

Do you look for the advantage or do you trip over the

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Were your parents real scumbags or did you choose them
carefully to help you become who you are today?

How you interpret past and present experience is the main
trip switch that overrides your entire circuit board. Flip
this one switch and you change everything in your life
within the wink of an eye.

(There’s a beautiful Zen poem on this.
It says: a split hair’s difference and heaven and hell are
set apart.
And it’s so true.)

So, how do we flip this switch?

This is a technique called ‘reframing’.

And it’s the single most useful tool you can have in your
‘self support’ toolkit.

Here’s an example from my life: Once, a zillion years ago,
I was taking part in a triathlon (SA champs 1988?) Going
round a corner, I dropped my water bottle full of precious
energy supplement. I was way behind some other girls (far
better swimmers) and still had 30km of cycling and a 10 km
run ahead. When I dropped that bottle I could have said,
‘Oh no, I’m buggered!’ and then I would have been. But, by
some miracle, I didn’t. Instead I told myself, ‘Obviously I
don’t need that today. It’s just extra weight to carry.’
Then I put my head down and in the end won that race, much
to everyone’s surprise.

The point is: we can’t change things that have already
happened. But we can change our interpretation of events.
And reframe it so that it supports us rather than gets in
our way.

This is where fingerprint analysis is so powerful. It helps
you reframe your past, by understanding that you chose your
parents for a reason. And that everything that’s happened
(and is happening) is for your benefit.

The Chinese have always known about this. Their word for
‘crisis’ is made up of 2 other words/symbols. One meaning
‘opportunity’ and the other ‘chaos’. In every crisis, as in
every single moment in our life, we are faced with one
basic choice. Positive or negative? Heaven or hell?

How else can we be more self-supporting?

By managing our energy (keeping one’s vibration high)
By getting quiet enough to listen to inner guidance.
By acting on intuition immediately
By reframing the past.
By loving what is.
By taking full responsibility for everything that happens
in one’s life.
By developing bone deep honesty with ourselves
By examining the choices we make. Are they based on fear or
on faith?
By changing these choices if they do not serve us.
By developing healthy personal boundaries
By showing up for our selves
By keeping the promises we make to ourselves
By respecting our own time
By replacing habits that don’t serve us with ones that do.
By trying to change no more than one habit at a time.
By taking small consistent steps instead of big irregular
By being a person of action instead of reaction
By not putting our life purpose on ice
By feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
By formulating clear, precise goals
By not quitting
By surrounding ourselves with supportive people
By actually asking for what we need or want
By finding a mentor and/or positive role model.
By getting someone to hold us accountable.
By joining a mastermind…..

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

are you feeling misunderstood?

here's a fun example of what happens more often than we care to realize:

Sometimes people hear things differently to what we intend to say.
This happens to all of us sometime or other
but if you have a Simian line in your hand this is an ongoing hurdle.

Do you have a Simian line?

If you have only two major lines on your hand instead of three, you've got a Simian line. A Simian is considered a giftmarker because it indicates a tremendous ability for extreme focus. This is the positive side of what happens when the energy of the heart and head fuse.

But as with every giftmarker, there's a downside. In this case, the challenge is extreme miscommunication. What you say doesn't quite turn out the way you meant it.
People think you're being cold or distant when you think you're being considerate.

At the IIHA this is called the 'blackbox' syndrome. It's like always having a black box between you and other people. What you say to others (or vice versa) goes in one side and comes out scrambled on the other.

Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis has a Simian. So does Tony Blair and numerous other high profile people.

Down's syndrome people have this marker in statistically higher proportions. But this doesn't mean everyone with this marker has Down's. Quite the opposite. It seems, the higher the intellect of the owner the easier it is to use this fusion of energy in a positive way. . Actually, it is not a question of intellect but more a question of consciousness. As with all giftmarkers, the more conscious the person is, the more likely they are in the positive rather than negative side of their giftmarker.

If you have a problem with miscommunication, ask the other person to rerun the movie through their eyes. This will give you a chance to check if the other person has understood exactly what you meant.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

DNA activation and fingerprints

Interesting research is being done at the moment regarding DNA, specifically the +90% of DNA that was previously thought of as superfluous. Human DNA is 173cm long but only 3 cm is used for genetic coding. Until recently, the rest was labelled ‘junk DNA’ because it didn't seem to have a purpose. Now scientists are finding that this may have to do with the family patterns, collective human experience and maximum human potential.

It seems that as a species, we’re designed to move toward DNA activation, but we each have to do the work ourselves. It’s as if each of us is born with a bag of Lego, something partially built and with no instructions how to proceed. Some people build a masterpiece, other people go round in circles, lose half their Lego pieces or give them all away and leave this life without having really achieved anything. This is where fingerprints come in. Your fingerprints are the ‘package insert’ for your particular bag of Lego. They indicate what you are supposed to be working on. You can call this healing karmic wounds or you can call it healing patterns that exist within your biological family, depending on what you believe. The outcome is the same. Your fingerprints show what trips you up; what causes you to go round in circles or give half your bag of Lego away. They also indicate the masterpiece intended.

To have your fingerprints decoded, click here.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hand analysis: display your fingerprint art in the Skin Carvings Gallery

The Skin Carvings Art Gallery

Fingerprints are your soul's imprint
on your physical body.
They are your soul's signature
They are unique
They are with you for life
They are beautiful

This image from

Send in your unique fingerprint imagery to
and we'll post your art or photos plus a link to your website in the Skin Carvings Art Gallery.

Learn how to photograph your own fingerprints using a simple digital camera

What kind of fingerprints do you have?

Do you have whorls, loops, peacocks, arches, tented arches, gamuts or weird suckers??
Are they all the same? Are they all different?
Does any one in particular stand out?
Every finger tells a different story about who you are
and who you were meant to become.
What Earth School are you in?

Facts about fingerprints:
  • Our fingerprints are unique because our souls are unique.
  • Fingerprints start forming 8 weeks after conception and by 20 weeks are fully formed and unchangable.
  • If a fingerprint gets damaged it repairs itself gradually from within.
  • Fingerprints are also called dermatoglyphics which means 'skin carvings'.

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