Friday, March 27, 2009

what's my life purpose?

Your life purpose is visible in your fingerprints.
So is the master key that controls your life -
your life lesson or archilles' heel.

This is the recurring issue or theme that keeps
tripping you up.

I will be posting regularly about how
to identify this master key and use it
to help you live a happy successful and fulfilled life
on my home page.

PLease go there now to find out more about how your life purpose
has two side, a shadow side and a light side.

If you are ignoring the main themes in your life you could
find yourself in the shadow side of your purpose.
In other words living the exact opposite of who you really are.

It's easy to rectify this problem. All you need to know is what
what to focus on and to be gentle with yourself while watching
yourself wrestle with the same stuff over and over.

This is why you are here! Just watching yourself and being compassionate
is enough to shift your energy in the right direction.

For more info on how to do this, subscribe to the rss on my homepage,

My new membersite is not up yet.
In the meantime I'd really appreciate your feedback
on the new look of my site.

What topics about hands would you like to know more about?
What are the burning issues in your life right now?

I'd like to show you how your hands can shed light on
virtually any question under the sun.

Give me a challenge! Something that you'd really like

I'll be linking my homepage to technorati, facebook and other network sites as soon as I've figured out how.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are you ready for a new start ?

Here's a powerful new way to shift yourself
immediately in any direction you'd like to go.

New Start


Zest for life
Desire to be happy
Desire to feel connected
Passionate desire to live your dreams
Desire to keep your current life but also upgrade it
(no experience or talent necessary!)

Come experience a new start wherever you are in the world.

In Aarau and online you can now have hand analysis
together with EFT (emotional freedom technique)
In Bauma, with wholistic kineseology.
In Zürich the focus is on using collage portraits to strength
and remind yourself of who you really are.

May you find time today to connect with yourself
nature, friends and family who support your journey.



PS: For a New Start"> in Zürich, book through Margie on 076 3930735
For elsewhere in the world,

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Monday, February 2, 2009

paid in potatoes for palm reading?

Look what I was just given!

what is it?
a potato!

who gave it to you?
I dunno. Let me guess...
god? my guardian angel? my higher self? a swiss farmer? nobody?
I'm just making this all up?

all of these answers are probably true!

at the same time?!

that's the delicious juicy mystery
of this adventure called life.

I'm taking it as a sign I'm on the right track!

if you want to be in on this
be sure to sign in on my newsletter.

It's full of crib notes, short cuts
a breath of fresh air really.

grab it. It's a rope out of hell.

Do you know, you can squeeze the last sentence into just one word?

; )

Take another look at my potato in the photo above.

my potato? your potato? our potato?


I don't own this potato any more!

The minute I dropped it into
the cyber pond
it became a gift to everyone
in the pond.

something like the miracle
of the bread multipying.

Just goes to prove, you can eat your potato and have it!!!

so what does this mean?

All the rules are changing on this planet.


Better get a new manual.
or read your package insert.

The instructions that came with you
when you were born.

where are they?
Written in your fingerprints!

Learn to read yours the easy way.
Make sure you're on the list.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Keeping promises

We’re already 5 days into 2009, which is when New Year resolutions start to go more or less out the window, or are in danger of tiptoeing in that direction.

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves. My New Year started with shock therapy to cure me forever from making promises I can’t keep.

Thought I’d share the story with you to cheer you up in case all your resolutions are already in shards around your ankles.

What happened?

My 9 yr old son was really looking forward to setting off all his fire crackers with his friends.
I suggested he sleep a few hours and promised to wake him at midnight. He absolutely refused. Then 30 min before count down he crept away and quietly curled up in a corner in deep hibernate mode. Come midnight I tried everything to wake him but he was out cold. Eventually I gave up and just let him be. Wrong! I’d forgotten something really important. I’d forgotten I’d promised to wake him. Doing your best just isn’t good enough in this instance. After all, a promise is a promise.

When Jules eventually woke up he was furious and I was in serious pooh. Even worse, I totally deserved it. I hadn’t thought this through at all. I felt like I’d betrayed him deeply. That I was untrustworthy; the worst mother in the whole world. How could I have been so thoughtless? If I knew what I know now I would have poured a bucket of cold water over his head. Anything, to keep my word.

But the deed was done. I couldn’t turn back the clock.

So, how to make amends?
I told him he was right. I had made a terrible mistake and because of this we would change our plans and spend the day doing anything he liked.


We spent the morning at Alpemari, an outrageously expensive water world about half an hour from Zürich.
There are all these really scary slides, with names like cobra, thriller and tornado and
Jules’s all time favourite, the Balla Balla. This one sends you hurtling down a pitch dark tube, with flashes of lightening and then it takes you out into the freezing outdoors to get snowed on before dropping you again down another terrifying twister.

Licence to scream as much as you like. Scream out all your frustrations of the past year. A healing, purifying, cleansing process. Better than confession any day.
Finally your limp body gets spat out into a tepid pool at the foot of a zillion steps so you can climb back up again and do it all again.

So, now I have made my confession to you too. (Took me 5 days to own up!) This is how I did my penance. 10 slides, at least 2 times each with step training in between. It was a bit like counting beads on a rosary. Bless me for I have sinned!

Fortunately there was also a hot saline external bath and the end to sooth the weary muscles and bruised bones of this recovering sinner.

Moral of the story?
Don’t make promises to your kid unless you can keep them.

You don’t have any kids?

Sure you do. Everyone has an inner kid. And rumour has it that this is the most neglected kid on the block.
Have you made promises to yourself, esp your inner kid, that you can’t (or don’t really intend to) keep?
This is a sure fire way to shoot yourself in the foot.

This is my new year resolution:
To give myself a break and not make any promises unless they align with my own well being and I absolutely can keep them.

Watch out for my free report ‘ 6 ways to embrace yourself in 2009’ arriving in your mailbox on Jan 7th if you're subscribed to my newsletter.

Oh my gosh, what HAVE I promised!
; )

to get this report:

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Year wishes for you

My wishes for you in 2009:

May you love and be loved, fully, undeservedly and passionately
May you let go of the past, by embracing it.
May you cherish your time
May you have courage
May you have focus
May you connect with source
May you be lead though play
May you act on your intuition
May you speak your truth
May you surround yourself only with friends who embrace your highest vision of yourself.
May you commit fully
May you not hold back
May you never give up on yourself
May you cherish the sacred, in you, in others, in nature.
May you be both successful and happy, and not put off one for the other.
May you have both peace and prosperity, and not forfeit one for the other
May you be more gentle with yourself and others and have less rules.
May you honour your body, you spirit and your life purpose

In short:

May you choose heaven instead of hell, with every breath and every thought.

Wishing you a sacred time now with friends and family and in the coming year

With love,

To get my lastest report: 7 ways to embrace yourself in 2009 click here

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you have a solution brain?

If your headline curves up towards your index finger this means you have a solution brain.

How do you work this out?

There is a particular type of energy that runs up through the palm and out of each finger. This is best described as archetypal energy:

A different type of archetypal energy runs through each finger. The energy that runs up though the index finger is related to the Jupiter archetype.

This is to do with power and influence, and how this manifests: ge. vision, status, territory, standing one's ground, ambition, respect and so on. Excess or lack of these particular qualities show up in different ways in the area below this finger or on it.

Think about it a moment. What signs do you make with your index finger?

You can point, wag or shake it at someone, pull a trigger, or indicate someone to come in your direction.

This energy influences all lines in this area and the plumpness of the finger zones.

So, when this energy pulls the headline up, this is the kind of brain one would expect in leaders. An ability to quickly find a solution to any problem.

Why is it good to know if you have this marker?
If you have a solution brain and you're not using it enough in your work, you're in danger of giving unsolicited advice. This causes disconnect, particularly with family and close friends. They may even get angry with you for interferring even though from your point of view your ideas really help solve the problem.

Learn to only give advice when it's asked for and always start from a place of common ground. Something you agree on. This way people will be more willing to listen to your ideas.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

hand analysis tip: curvy equals emotional

In handspeak, curvy equals emotional.

A curvy heart line means an emotional communication style.
A curvy headline means an emotional thinking style.
A curvy attack line means there is lots of emotion invested in whatever issue is under attack.
A curvy thumb shape means your decisions are based on emotion.

How does this help you?

Knowing this stuff helps you to be more conscious and make more conscious decisions.
This is how one flips the switch between heaven and hell.

Heaven is when the lights are on, hell is when one is stumbling around bumping into painful experiences, or treading on other people's toes unwittingly.

Here's an example:
If you have a curvy head line this indicates a subjective thinking style. The more curved this (or any) line gets the more emotion involved.

But what does this actually mean?

As with everything related to hands, there's a positive and a negative side.
On the positive side, having a subjective brain means you'll be more empathetic, you can see the other side so you'll give the other person the benefit of the doubt, maybe even if they're busy robbing your house!

The negative side?
Having a subjective brain means you have a tendency to always take things personally.
Here's an example:

So, how to flip the switch?

Try not to take anything that anyone else says or does personally. Easier said than done but the key is to watch yourself in process. When you start getting upset about anything stop a moment. Ask yourself is this really true? How can I be sure? How does this thought make me feel? How would I feel without this thought? Then turn the thought around. Where's the mirror? In what way am I doing this to myself?

These 4 questions come from Byron Katie's 'Loving what is'.
A powerful way to flip the switch from hell back to heaven.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hand analysis workshops in Switzerland

I'll be running two workshops in Switzerland this October.

Learn to read your own hands and fingerprints:
11 and/or 12 October in Sternenberg, Canton Zurich.
Find out more here: Learn to read your own hands and fingerprints

Also, together with Laurene Schaerer-Lindstrom,
a powerful Life Purpose Vision Workshop.

Laurene is an Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique practitioner and gifted healer. In this workshop we'll be combining our talents to bring you an awesome array of tools and techniques for working with your life purpose, clarifying intent and putting together a clear action plan to follow through on your dreams.

Life Purpose Vision Workshop:
31 October/1 November in Aarau.
Find out more here: Life Purpose Support Workshop

Warning: this weekend could change your life!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Is your nose right after all?

A friend of mine has a really special nose.
I swear she must have stolen it from
the sphinx. It's as broad as it is long
and it looks just like a pyramid.
Full of secrets and with an energy of its own.

It doesn't just sit there like other noses
frozen in the spotlight.
Instead, it expresses itself.

How so?

It flares up and butts in
just when you least expect it to.
And, on those rare occasions when it stands
firm, that's when it really makes a point.

Because this is how it reveals thoughts
that run in flagrant opposition to whatever
its owner is actually saying at the time.

So, when I'm not sure who to believe,
I always go with the nose!

The sad thing about this masterpiece is that its
owner thinks it needs fixing.

It's not the airbrushed variety one sees gracing
the glossies.

Why am I telling you this?

The other day I read this amazing quote:

“We only need to heal until we realize that we have
been just fine all along...
As soon as we say, 'I'm done fixing myself!'
Then we can really get on with things, forgetting the healing,
and beginning the revealing.” ~ Robin Rice ~

Fact is, there really is nothing wrong with you, or any part of you.
You are not flawed. There's nothing to fix but plenty to discover.

If you'd like to listen to a healing meditation by Rice
on this topic go here:

We get taught at a really early age to
focus on what's wrong with us, rather than what's right.
And it's not just our physical bodies under attack.

We 're progressively conditioned to feel smaller than
who we really are, inadequate and incomplete.

You can tell when children have had this lesson one
time too often, because that's when the light goes right
out of their eyes.

It's a kind of ripening process. Or rather a rotting.
You're ripe for the picking as soon as the rot sets in.


Because suddenly you're ripe for marketers to
sell you anything that might fix you. A myriad
magic potions and other recipes for completion.

Buy this and you'll be ok. Rub this cream on
your nose and you'll be loved.
Or maybe only a bright red Ferrari will do the trick?

Actually it's not your nose you need to fix
but your focus.

And your ability to really see yourself clearly in all your

You are a beautiful being. Perfect just as you are.
And far more wonderful than you imagine.

This is something you already know deep down in
your heart of hearts.

So how can you shift your focus?

Start listening to your nose more closely.

Acknowledge yourself where others don't.

Also, be nosy about yourself in a positive way.

Stick your nose into all your own business
and catch yourself each time you do something right
rather than something wrong. And give yourself
enough pleasure to make your nose flare each time,
no matter how small the act may seem.

Success is a process, not a destination.
And every step in the right direction deserves applause.

One of the best ways to acknowledge yourself is to get
your hands analysed.

Your hands show you what's right with you.

Your incredible potential. Your gifts, strengths or talents
and what you have to do to bring your higher
possibilities into the sunshine.

To treat yourself to a profound self awakening experience,
go here:

And as for your nose?
Trust it and follow it.
And allow it to shine more often.
It's magnificent and it nose it.
(sorry, couldn't resist!)
; )


send me a picture of your own magnificent conk
before Friday 26 September
and I'll give you a 20% discount on your next session.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hand Analysis at the Expat Expo

I was at the Expat Expo most of Sunday, reading hands and meeting wonderful new people from all walks of life . Luckily it was a rainy day so good to be indoors.

My table was wedged in between Avatar and a group of healers, herbalists and coaches from Wangen, a car-free village up in the mountains above Interlaken. Planet yoga was two down and also practitioners of the Gringerg method. A fascinating technique I've never heard of before.

It was a wonderful atmosphere, with everyone learning about each others' therapies and sharing their knowledge and sometimes sampling techniques. Amazing how everything is so interconnected. Some start with feet, others with spine or hands, but the journey always goes in the same direction.

I also discovered the Pie Shop! Pies are something lacking in Switzerland. The Swiss haven't yet realized quite what they're missing. Needless to say, they did a roaring trade among all the expats present.

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next online class is on Tuesday 23th

The next online mastermind class will be on Tuesday 23 September 2008
Time 9pm Swiss, central Europe, SA. 8pm Uk. 3pm Eastern (New York), 12 noon Pacific.
Topic: Are you someone who holds the lamp up so others to see more clearly?
Common hand shape combinations and what this reveals about you.

To join the class become a member here

To purchase previous classes go here.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hand analysis class on Mercury markers this Sunday

I'm back in Switzerland. Trying to catch up on the backlog.

I had a hectic time in Cape Town with courses, back to back consultations
at Welgelegen guest house, and attempts to catch up with friends in between. I've forgotten how much I love this city and its people. It really has something magnetic and magical about it.

Thanks to Fiona Evans and all her staff at Welgelegen for making me feel so welcome and at home. Thanks also to Cath for so generously giving me the use of her therapy room.

If you ever plan on visiting Cape Town I highly recommend this wonderful boutique hotel right in the center of Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain.

The Noordhoek workshop went well too. I was blessed with wonderful group of students who were a pleasure to teach. I'll be posting pictures in the near future. Thanks to Anthea Torr for the generous use of her beautiful home in De Goede Hoop estate.

Next online class.

This month we'll be having two mastermind calls to make up for the one missed last month while I was in S. Africa.

August Mastermind 1. Sunday 24 August 2008 at 6pm central Europe,
6pm South Africa, 12 noon US Eastern, 9am Pacific.

Topic: Are you quick sharp and clever? How Mercury shows up in your hands.

If you are a healer, writer, speaker or woman with a message this class is specially for you.
If you have problems speaking up for yourself or relationship issues, you'll also find this class really useful. We'll be looking at the Mercury (pinkie) finger and all markers related to or under this finger.
To join this class sign in here

August Mastermind 2: Wednesday 27 August 2008 at 9pm central Europe,
9pm South Africa, 3pm US Eastern, 12 noon Pacific.

Topic: Are you giving your power away without even realising it?
During this call we'll be looking at several power give away markers in hands, what they mean and what you can do if you're experiencing one of these situations.
Do you have trouble saying 'no'?
Are you stuck in someone else's movie?
Are you in your current relationship because you feel sorry for your partner?
Are you carrying a burden for your family?
Are you unsure what you really want?
These are just a few of the examples we'll be looking at in this class.

To join both these classes for only $19 sign in here

See you on the call.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hand Analysis talk in Cape Town this Saturday

My stay in the wonderful bushveld is drawing to a close.
My son and I have just had a fantastic game drive at Tsukudu game reserve,
right up to elephant and other game.
Jules was delighted because he got to stroke a tame cheetah.

On Saturday at 2pm I'll be giving a free half hour talk at Welgelegen guest house in Gardens.
After the talk I'll be doing mini readings. If you'd like to attend please contact

Sunday 10th is the date of the Cape Hand Analysis course in Noordhoek.
We've had one last minute cancellation so if you'd like to fill this spot please contact 073 516 1099.

We had a fantastic turn out for the Jhb course end of July. The class was made up of both experienced and new hand readers. We covered a lot of material but focused on gift markers. This is the same course I'll be giving in Cape Town.

enjoy the sunshine wherever you are in the world.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

mastermind class postponed until I'm back in Switzeralnd

I'm in darkest africa in a place beyond broadband and even cellphones.

I've been exploring all the facilities in the region to see how I could do this month's mastermind class.
I've finally had to come to terms with the fact that it's just not going to be physically possible
so I'm going to relax instead and enjoy being here!

We have giraffe, duiker, kudu and warthog in our garden, eating my mother's
precious lawn and bouganvillia. My mother's garden pests!!

I'll be back in Switzerland from the 18 Aug.

We'll do 2 classes next month to make up for this one.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 days of dreaming - day 5

Warning: goal setting may be dangerous to your health, it doesn’t always work and it may even be self destructive!

Here’s a dreaming skill that is so powerful it scares the pants off me.

Because asking these few simple questions has literally caused me to re-look all my goals for next year!

I could say, help! This is turning my life upside down!
Or I could say, hey, at last I’m getting clarity.

Isn’t is funny how so many people try to tell you the same thing and you just don’t get it. Then finally someone says this exact same thing in a slightly different way and this is what makes the light bulb go off in your head!

Here’s the technique. I touched on it on day 3. It’s from Jack Zufelt.

Jack makes a rather radical claim:
‘Goal setting not only does NOT work but it's negative and self-destructive for you.!’

Why does Jack say this? Because, to get what you want you first have to know what you want! When we don’t really know what we want we sets goals and don’t achieve them, Then, when we don’t reach these goals we feel like double failures. Or, even worse, we bust a gut achieving our goal only to discover that it wasn't quite what we wanted anyway. (you cna read about my experience of this right at the beginning of this blog site, 12 March 2007.)

Usually we don’t really know what we want because as children we have been shamed or told not to be so ambitious so we settle for lower, safer dreams and then we wonder why we can’t get all fired up about them.

Step one is, what really fires you up? What big dream do you want so badly that you’ll secretly do anything to get it? (Often we won’t own up to this dream because it’s been smashed as a child. Then we try to fulfil this dream in a round about way….eg. I’ll do this when I’m financially free or when I retire or after I’ve had 20 years therapy ….or …in my next life! )

What is your one core dream? Your unique spark? The highest expression
of who you are? What is the one thing that only you can offer the world? Something that you love doing more than anything else?

Usually, this is clearly defined in your fingerprints. But Jack has another method that will take you to the same point.

The only thing that really fuels us to achieve anything is desire. If your desire isn’t big enough you will not succeed. The trick is to connect with your deep core desire.

Whenever you set a goal or have a desire, ask yourself: how badly do I want this?

How can you tell if you really want something?

Find out what it takes to reach this goal. Then ask yourself, are you prepared to pay this price?

For example, to get a black belt in karate takes about 1 hour a day of training for 5 years. Are you prepared to pay this price? If you are not prepared to pay the price then take this dream off your list. Mostly we don’t find out what the cost is. We have the dream for years, we say our affirmations but we are not willing to take the steps necessary to make the journey.

To identify your core desires, Jack suggests the following technique:
Name your biggest goal for the coming year.
If you are not sure what this is then ask, what would I like to have that I’m not getting right now?
Then ask, if I had that, what would it give me that I’m not getting right now?

Keep asking this same question until you get to your core desire.

Once you find out what your core goal is all you need is a teacher.

To find out more about Jack’s techniques go here: The DNA of Success.

(Of course there’s an easier way. Just check your fingerprints. It’s all there!)

Happy dreaming!

Did I forget to tell you, your life purpose is visible in your fingerprints.
(Now why didn’t someone tell me this years ago?
Or rather, why didn’t I believe it!?)
To find out what your hands say about your core desires go here

So, what does this have to do with the number 5?
Ummm… 5 fingers??

To further inspire you to dream big dreams for yourself:
here are 5 versions of Marianne Williamson’s famous quote:

... and in case you're sitting in the fog right now like half of Switzerland is,
here are 5 silly variations on the 12 days of Christmas:

Summary of 12 days of dreaming
Day 1 - ‘as a man thinketh’ ebook download
Day 2 - the most important quote this millennium
Day 3 - parable of the three big rocks Day 4 - making decisions
Day 5 - finding your core desire
Day 6 - knowing your conscious mind
Day 7 – the seven laws of the universe
Day 8 – how to change your luckDay 9 – your nine environments
Day 10- tapping into your genius mind
Day 11 - stepping beyond your comfort zone
Day 12 - the 12 month, 24 hour grace shower

To learn how to read your own hands and use this information to transform your life,join my member's site for only $28 per month.

Please click on the envelope below if you want to share this blog with a friend. This is a completely private communication. Even I won't know you've done it!

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Do you have a broken Life line?

A broken life line does NOT mean you will die early or have some terrible accident.

No-one can tell you how long you are going to live by measuring the length of your lifeline.

Your life line shows what kind of anchor you have. Do you have no anchor or a strong one? This has to do with family background conditions and how grounded you are in your body and on the planet. Your life line also shows how you expend your energy,

If you have a weak anchor, try body work such as tai chi, healing tao, dance, martial arts or yoga to help you become more grounded.

Sometimes you life line is disturbed by your career line. This is called a '3 for 2' (3 lines instead of 2) and means your work needs to be all-consuming. In other words, you need a mission. A life project that fascinates you and keeps you occupied day and night. Your occupation isn't just a job. It's something you eat, sleep and breathe. It's your oxygen; what keeps you going. In a sense, your work is your anchor.

If this is you, you're not designed to be a 9 to 5er!

Have you found your mission in life yet?

Perhaps it's time you had your hands analysed to find out if you have any special talents you're totally unaware of.

Find out more about having a private consultation here.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Are you feeling unsupported or betrayed?

I've been back 2 weeks now from my trip to SA and still
I find myself running.
From what?

Dangling X's!?

Yes, I know. I've left you dangling far too long about what
they actually mean.
In fact, I've left this issue dangling so long you could be
in danger of growing this marker on your hand as a result!
(And so could I!)

Let's see if we can start to rub these blighters out with
the help of this newsletter.

First a bit about my trip.

My fears about spending our 'summer holiday' in South
Africa's mid-winter were unfounded. The weather was
sublime, warmer than here! The bushveld was looking
magnificent with aloes all aflame, no mosquitoes and, we
wore Tshirts! It was great to catch up with family and
friends especially for Jules to get to know his grand

My courses and consultations went well too. There are now
14 people in SA who can decode fingerprints. If you are one
of these 14, congratulations! I hope you are practising on
family and friends. Thanks also to all who allowed me the
privilege of looking into their hands while I was over

Back to dangling X's.
Dangling X's look just like they sound. Like little or big
X's dangling just below your heartline.

What do they indicate?

X's that hang like dirty laundry on a wash line are to do
with feeling unsupported.

By whom? In what way?

Well that depends on exactly where they show up.

Let's look at 2 common places:
1. If they dangle under your heartline below your Apollo
(ring) finger this means you feel unsupported by your

2. If they dangle under the 'point of intimacy', (that is,
the point on your heartline directly between your ring
finger and pinkie) this has to do with feeling unsupported
by your spouse or intimate partner. When this X is very
large it means the feeling is more extreme. Betrayal might
be a better word!

But this is just the first take.

It's easy to say, 'My husband betrayed me when he ran off
with another woman.' but if we look beyond the pain, behind
the veil, is that really true?

It takes a huge amount of personal honesty to recognise
ourselves in the mirror. The only person who can really
betray us is ourselves. We betray ourselves when we don't
honour our own truth. When we don't listen to our inner
guidance. When we give up on our dreams or don't support
ourselves in numerous small or big ways.

Usually it takes quite a bit of not supporting oneself
before one's partner is ready to collaborate and mirror for
you the shadow side of self betrayal. Ask me! (been there,
done that, bought the t-shirt.!)

If you are feeling unsupported by your intimate partner ask
yourself: in what way am I not supporting myself?

And, what about friends?

Let's examine this feeling of not being supported by
friends a bit deeper.

I find this one even more difficult to own up to.

Have you ever heard this wisecrack:
'I can keep a secret. It's the people I tell it to who
can't!' ?
Well, that's what these particular X's are mostly about at
a deeper level.

Sometimes takes years of therapy to see that the betrayal
we accuse others of is actually in our own hearts.

When this happened to me once it knocked the wind right out
of my sails.
I always thought of myself as loyal and honest but I broke
a friend's confidence by passing on delicate (okay let's
get real here. Make that juicy and highly damaging!!)
information to my husband about a third person (his new

I thought as "the wounded one" I was justified in
'enlightening' him. But in the process I betrayed a dear
friend. It turned out she was the only person on the planet
who knew that particular snippet of information and I'd let
her down real bad by breaking her confidence and passing the
information on.

It's not a question of whether you can trust the next
person with the information.
The question is, can you keep a confidence? Can you refrain
from passing on gossip?

I once came across a list of quotes by famous people
compiled by a leading personal growth expert.(I forget
which one). About halfway down was this:
'If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say
anything.' by....... your mother!

I thought this was very funny because that is exactly what
my mom used to say.
Probably yours too!!

So how can we support ourselves?

By listening to inner guidance. By showing up for
ourselves. By setting limits. By staying congruent. By not
putting our life purpose in ice. By putting our own joy and
happiness first...

In my next blog we'll look at these and other ways we can support
ourselves in more detail.

In the meantime, if you need any support, just look at your
Your strengths and talents are all there.


PS: If you haven't had a hand analysis consultation yet,
please go to
There's no better way to show yourself some genuine

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boost your self esteem immediately

You boost your self esteem enormously though self care.
Each time you stand up for yourself in small ways,
you give yourself a clear signal that you are worth it.

There are a million ways to do this.
Think of all the things you shouldn't be doing (things not in
your interest) but you are still doing.

Choose one thing. eg. give up one small thing you know is bad for you.

Let's say it's coffee.
Each day you don't have coffee your self worth goes up.
As soon as you break your promise to yourself, your self worth plummets.

Choose one small thing you know you should be doing but aren't.
Do it every day as an act of self love.
Reward yourself every week for keeping to your promise to yourself.

See what happens.

To find out how your self worth may be holding back from sharing your gifts with the world, go here or visit my website

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What are your hands trying to tell you today?

Are you losing energy unnecessarily?
Are you hiding your deepest needs and desires from yourself?
Are you ignoring your talents and abilities?
Are you blocking unique opportunities?

Hands have a special way of communicating to their owners. Every day they can tell us something new. New markers or reminders about that can help you move your life forward. Some talent you might be ignoring waves a red flag to grab your attention.

The hollows, quality of lines, relative size of mounds and zones shows where you are leaking or over focussing energy.

The colour of your hands shows where deep needs and emotions are blocked.

Vertical lines show were you have extra energy available to you
Horizontal lines show where you are blocking energy.

Your lifeline shows how grounded you are.
Your headline shows how you process information.
Your heartline shows how you react emotionally.
Your fateline shows how you work with life's responsibilities.

Gift markers show rare abilities that may block your entire life if under-utilised or unrecognised.

Your fingerprints are the backdrop. Your life's unique blueprint.
They explain why you are here, what you have come to master.
What will make you feel fulfilled more than anything else.
and what keeps tripping you up along the way.

Your hands can tell you all this and much more.
They are your private maps for his lifetime.

To learn more about how you can use the information visible in your hands to move your life forward , sign up for my newsletter 'Hands are Mirrors' at the top of this page.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

DNA activation and fingerprints

Interesting research is being done at the moment regarding DNA, specifically the +90% of DNA that was previously thought of as superfluous. Human DNA is 173cm long but only 3 cm is used for genetic coding. Until recently, the rest was labelled ‘junk DNA’ because it didn't seem to have a purpose. Now scientists are finding that this may have to do with the family patterns, collective human experience and maximum human potential.

It seems that as a species, we’re designed to move toward DNA activation, but we each have to do the work ourselves. It’s as if each of us is born with a bag of Lego, something partially built and with no instructions how to proceed. Some people build a masterpiece, other people go round in circles, lose half their Lego pieces or give them all away and leave this life without having really achieved anything. This is where fingerprints come in. Your fingerprints are the ‘package insert’ for your particular bag of Lego. They indicate what you are supposed to be working on. You can call this healing karmic wounds or you can call it healing patterns that exist within your biological family, depending on what you believe. The outcome is the same. Your fingerprints show what trips you up; what causes you to go round in circles or give half your bag of Lego away. They also indicate the masterpiece intended.

To have your fingerprints decoded, click here.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power giveaways

There are many ways we give our personal power away to others.

Power is energy and our hands are sensitive energy conduits
that accurately reflect where we are losing or gaining energy.

Power give aways show up in our hands as specific stress indicators,
such as a bent or crooked index finger or a heartline that curves down
and through the lifeline.

Sometimes these markers show up in the fingerprints.
This is an indicator that these are life scale lessons.
In other words, issues that you have specifically chosen to work through in this lifetime.

How do we give away our power?
How can we tell if this is a lesson of life scale proportion?

We give our power away
  • when we can't say 'no'
  • when we put our lives on hold for others
  • when we rescue others without allowing them to discover their own power.
  • when we doubt ourselves
  • when we try not to make waves
  • when we don't say what we really mean
  • when we try to keep everyone else happy
  • when we allow oursleves to be intimidated
  • when we have poor boundaries
  • when we look for our self worth in other people's eyes
  • when we allow others to run our lives
  • when we get energetically mixed up with others and their specfic needs and dramas

The first step toward dealing with these issues is being conscious of when you are giving your power away and how the pattern plays out in your life.

Hand analysis can help you recognise these patterns and give you pointers to dealing with them by identifying positive resources and perhaps even gift markers in your hand.

More information on this subject and special tips on how to stop giving your power away will be discussed in my newsletter. You can sign up at the top of this page.

For more private advice, please contact me directly

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Monday, March 12, 2007

How hand analysis helped me

When I reached the pinnacle of my sports career, I was filled with a deep feeling of emptiness. I knew deep down that cycling wasn’t the real reason why I was here, even if I was inspiring others to get on their bikes.

The same feeling came to me when I reached the top of my field as a copywriter. I was at an award ceremony, and had just won 'Writer of the year' award.

Our party went ballistic. A dream had come true. Everyone at our table was whooping for joy, jumping up and down celebrating, hugging me, kissing me as I returned from the podium. But for me personally, the euphoria was fleeting. As soon as I sat down again, I went into deep spiritual crisis. Was I really on this planet to sell more beer or lipstick or whatever?

A client came over to shake my hand and I said to her, ‘Please tell me, how’s this going to help the hole in the ozone layer?’ She left swiftly with a strange look on her face and I proceeded to get roaring drunk.

I don’t know how I drove my car home that night. Angels must have taken the steering wheel from me and given it back just as I got home. Somehow I survived a 3 lane highway but crashed my car into my house a few seconds after turning up the driveway.

It wasn’t long after that, for one reason or another, all my best work got blocked. I suffered complete burnout and took a half-year sabbatical to go sailing.

Afterwards I tried going back to my old job but something had changed in my head while drifting around in the Pacific at the mercy of wind and waves. I couldn’t take deadlines seriously anymore. At the end of hurricane season I went back to sea, searching for meaning in other cultures.

Two years later I hurtled head first down another track - motherhood. It was a good place to hide, caring for others. But all too soon the nagging feeling tugged at me again…why am I here? How am I meant to contribute to this planet?

Then one day I had my hands and fingerprints analysed by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. I was completely blown away by what lay visible in my hands. In one hour he told me more about myself, my soul contract, my stumbling blocks along the way, than I’d spent a lifetime unravelling.

I realised deep down that not only was this information true for me, this was a key discovery for humanity. We are spirits having a human experience. We heal the planet by healing ourselves.

All the information you need to turn your life into a work of art is encoded in your fingerprints. They are your road map for this lifetime. It’s so simple, so accurate, so elegant. Why hadn’t anyone noticed this before?

These days I help other people save years of going round and round in circles the way I did.

What is my life purpose?
Why am I on this planet?
Why do I keep having similar experiences over
and over?

Check your hands. You already have all the information you’re looking for, right at your fingertips.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Hands are Mirrors

Many people are losing out on vital information
because they have totally the wrong idea about
hand analysis.

Hand analysis is not about prediction or divination.
Your hands aren't crystal balls, they're mirrors.

Hand Analysis does not tell you how long you are going
to live or how many children you are going to have.

Your hands provide a detailed map of your inner landscape.
The map can’t tell you where you are going to go, it can
simply show you what routes are available, where the rocky
ground is, or the breaks in the pass. Its task is simply to
provide clarity or to show you what your options are.

Hands reveal one’s pure potential. They also indicate issues
that might be blocking this potential. Most people don’t realise
how gifted they really are and they go through life not using
all the gifts they have to offer the world.

Hand Analysis reveals these talents and therefore is
usually a very empowering experience.

There are two parts to hand analysis, fingerprints (dermatoglyphs)
and hand shape/lines. Fingerprints are fixed 5 months before birth
and cannot change.

Fingerprints represent one’s soul psychology, or soul agenda.

Hand shape (chirognomy) and lines indicate temperament and
issues related to one’s personality psychology.

When I look at hands I look at how the two interact.
One’s soul agenda has to be played out though personality.

Dermatoglyphic input is the significant difference between
hand analysis as practiced by certified members of the
International Institute of Hand Analysis and other systems
of chirognomy. The other significant difference has to do with
gift markers.

Gift markings indicate not only extraordinary talents but also
where a person may be challenged or psychologically blocked.

Hand analysis takes years to learn but fingerprints are relatively
easy to read. Your fingerprints are a soul imprint. They show
what your soul intended to achieve in this lifetime.

These days you can send in your fingerprints via email to have
them analysed. This'll give you a personalised 15 to 25 page
document on what you chose to work through in this life time.
It also gives your highest actualisation point. In other words,
what will make you feel most fulfilled.

To find out more, visit my website:

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