Friday, March 27, 2009

what's my life purpose?

Your life purpose is visible in your fingerprints.
So is the master key that controls your life -
your life lesson or archilles' heel.

This is the recurring issue or theme that keeps
tripping you up.

I will be posting regularly about how
to identify this master key and use it
to help you live a happy successful and fulfilled life
on my home page.

PLease go there now to find out more about how your life purpose
has two side, a shadow side and a light side.

If you are ignoring the main themes in your life you could
find yourself in the shadow side of your purpose.
In other words living the exact opposite of who you really are.

It's easy to rectify this problem. All you need to know is what
what to focus on and to be gentle with yourself while watching
yourself wrestle with the same stuff over and over.

This is why you are here! Just watching yourself and being compassionate
is enough to shift your energy in the right direction.

For more info on how to do this, subscribe to the rss on my homepage,

My new membersite is not up yet.
In the meantime I'd really appreciate your feedback
on the new look of my site.

What topics about hands would you like to know more about?
What are the burning issues in your life right now?

I'd like to show you how your hands can shed light on
virtually any question under the sun.

Give me a challenge! Something that you'd really like

I'll be linking my homepage to technorati, facebook and other network sites as soon as I've figured out how.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are you from the moon? (join us there today)

The other day a friend sent me a postcard that said:

To: Jena Griffiths
Address: The moon!

Next time I saw her I thanked her and said it was the first time anyone had ever got my address right!

Why am I so proud of this?

The moon is a very special part of your hand.
It represents the deep, largely unconscious side of you.
It’s also the seat of your sacred, spiritual side and source of imagination.

Here’s an easy way to understand this:
Hold up a hand and wiggle your thumb around.

Your thumb represents your will power.

Now try to touch the rest of your palm
and fingers of the same hand with your thumb.

Where can’t you touch?

The part of your palm that your thumb can’t touch is
called your moon. This is the part of you that your willpower can’t

Richard Unger, the person who taught me this,
calls the moon ‘your cellar’. Quite apt, because it’s
the bottom outer edge of the palm.

Are you a moon person?

Moon people are on this planet but not of it. They’re listening to a different drummer.
They’re the shamans, the clairvoyants, the spiritual teachers and the life coaches.

We’ll be going to the moon in today’s mastermind call.
Are you coming with us?

Time: 3.30pm Eastern, 12.30 noon Pacific, 9.30pm Switzerland and central Europe, 8.30 pm SA and UK. The call will be recorded if you can'tmake it live.

If you'd like to join us please sign in as a member and at the same time get access to a wealth of other information.

Would love to have you with us,

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hand Analysis talk in Cape Town this Saturday

My stay in the wonderful bushveld is drawing to a close.
My son and I have just had a fantastic game drive at Tsukudu game reserve,
right up to elephant and other game.
Jules was delighted because he got to stroke a tame cheetah.

On Saturday at 2pm I'll be giving a free half hour talk at Welgelegen guest house in Gardens.
After the talk I'll be doing mini readings. If you'd like to attend please contact

Sunday 10th is the date of the Cape Hand Analysis course in Noordhoek.
We've had one last minute cancellation so if you'd like to fill this spot please contact 073 516 1099.

We had a fantastic turn out for the Jhb course end of July. The class was made up of both experienced and new hand readers. We covered a lot of material but focused on gift markers. This is the same course I'll be giving in Cape Town.

enjoy the sunshine wherever you are in the world.

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