Gift Markings Book

Do you have a gift marker?

Gift markings indicate incredible talent or potential that calls out to be used.
Each of these gifts has a shadow side; the capacity to turn your life upside down if you under use your potential.

To find out if you have one and what it means exactly, you can donwload an ebook on how to read your own hands at the bottom of this page.


Do you have one of these rare gift markers?

There are 17 recognised Gift Markings

  • 1. The Jupiter star
  • 2. The Saturn star
  • 3. The Apollo star
  • 4. The Mercury star
  • 5. The Moon star
  • 6. The Neptune star
  • 7. The Venus star
  • 8. The Mars star
  • 9. The third eye star
  • 10. Medical sitgmata
  • 11. Lines of genius
  • 12. The Hal headline
  • 13. The Pure Heart

  • 14. The Persephone headline

  • 15. The Simian

  • 16. Line of clairvoyance (visual not here)
  • 17. The Pluto star