Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 days of dreaming - day 5

Warning: goal setting may be dangerous to your health, it doesn’t always work and it may even be self destructive!

Here’s a dreaming skill that is so powerful it scares the pants off me.

Because asking these few simple questions has literally caused me to re-look all my goals for next year!

I could say, help! This is turning my life upside down!
Or I could say, hey, at last I’m getting clarity.

Isn’t is funny how so many people try to tell you the same thing and you just don’t get it. Then finally someone says this exact same thing in a slightly different way and this is what makes the light bulb go off in your head!

Here’s the technique. I touched on it on day 3. It’s from Jack Zufelt.

Jack makes a rather radical claim:
‘Goal setting not only does NOT work but it's negative and self-destructive for you.!’

Why does Jack say this? Because, to get what you want you first have to know what you want! When we don’t really know what we want we sets goals and don’t achieve them, Then, when we don’t reach these goals we feel like double failures. Or, even worse, we bust a gut achieving our goal only to discover that it wasn't quite what we wanted anyway. (you cna read about my experience of this right at the beginning of this blog site, 12 March 2007.)

Usually we don’t really know what we want because as children we have been shamed or told not to be so ambitious so we settle for lower, safer dreams and then we wonder why we can’t get all fired up about them.

Step one is, what really fires you up? What big dream do you want so badly that you’ll secretly do anything to get it? (Often we won’t own up to this dream because it’s been smashed as a child. Then we try to fulfil this dream in a round about way….eg. I’ll do this when I’m financially free or when I retire or after I’ve had 20 years therapy ….or …in my next life! )

What is your one core dream? Your unique spark? The highest expression
of who you are? What is the one thing that only you can offer the world? Something that you love doing more than anything else?

Usually, this is clearly defined in your fingerprints. But Jack has another method that will take you to the same point.

The only thing that really fuels us to achieve anything is desire. If your desire isn’t big enough you will not succeed. The trick is to connect with your deep core desire.

Whenever you set a goal or have a desire, ask yourself: how badly do I want this?

How can you tell if you really want something?

Find out what it takes to reach this goal. Then ask yourself, are you prepared to pay this price?

For example, to get a black belt in karate takes about 1 hour a day of training for 5 years. Are you prepared to pay this price? If you are not prepared to pay the price then take this dream off your list. Mostly we don’t find out what the cost is. We have the dream for years, we say our affirmations but we are not willing to take the steps necessary to make the journey.

To identify your core desires, Jack suggests the following technique:
Name your biggest goal for the coming year.
If you are not sure what this is then ask, what would I like to have that I’m not getting right now?
Then ask, if I had that, what would it give me that I’m not getting right now?

Keep asking this same question until you get to your core desire.

Once you find out what your core goal is all you need is a teacher.

To find out more about Jack’s techniques go here: The DNA of Success.

(Of course there’s an easier way. Just check your fingerprints. It’s all there!)

Happy dreaming!

Did I forget to tell you, your life purpose is visible in your fingerprints.
(Now why didn’t someone tell me this years ago?
Or rather, why didn’t I believe it!?)
To find out what your hands say about your core desires go here

So, what does this have to do with the number 5?
Ummm… 5 fingers??

To further inspire you to dream big dreams for yourself:
here are 5 versions of Marianne Williamson’s famous quote:

... and in case you're sitting in the fog right now like half of Switzerland is,
here are 5 silly variations on the 12 days of Christmas:

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