Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 12 - the 12 month grace shower

We heal the planet by healing ourselves.

This day is dedicated to all people who are engaged in the idea of spontaneous, miraculous self healing.

The idea was inspired by my dear friend and fellow writer and dreamer Edwina Peterson Cross
who has just undergone spinal surgery, and a family friend Jas who is recovering from cancer.
Both these women have boldly embraced the concept of spontaneous, miraculous self healing and I salute them for their courage. Most of us do not realise the enormous wealth of what we have because we have ever lost it (our perfect health).

I'd like to entertain the idea of creating and anchoring a grace shower on this planet that anyone can step into whenever each of us needs extra energy, grace, help, guidance, healing...

The design of this shower is a mixture of 3 ideas:
Part comes from Tom Kenyon and his Hathors, part from Sanaya Roman and Orin from her books, Spiritual Growth or Soul Love and part from Suzanna Kennedy

Whenever you have extra joy or bliss you wish to share with others, at any time of the day or night, or specifically at 7am and 12 noon and 10 pm Pacific time (7 am, 4 pm and 9 pm Swiss time) please do the following exercise:

Imagine golden light coming down through your head to your heart and then going down to the center of mother Earth. Mother Earth responds by sending a ruby red ray back up to souce runnung through your heart. The two rays dance together in your heart and when you are ready you send a ray of rainbow light to connect your heart with each of the hearts of everyone else in the circle of healing. This circle of connectedness makes it possible to bring down a huge shower of grace in the middle of this circle.

Who ever wishes to step into this circle and into this grace shower can do so at any time.

Protect yourself with sacred geometry: Put yourself fully into an octahedron whenever you feel you need protection. For example, when lying on your bed, imagine the 4 corners of your bed being the 4 corners of the base of a pyramid. A pyramid goes up above you and down below you.
This diamond shape is an octahedron. Put yourself completely inside it, any size or direction you care. For more information, see Tom Kenyon's site.
Or use the star of David or any other sacred geometry you know of.

I'm off for a few days of dreaming in the mountains.
So, if you send me a mail and don't hear from me, please donit be offended!

As they say in Switzerland, wishing you a Gute Rutsch (a good slide) into 2008.

with love and appreciation,

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