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Day 8 - Eight ways to change your luck

Everything is energy and everything in your life influences your energy.

On the 8th day of dreaming I bring you
8 ways to change your fortune:

The 3 lucks and the 5 basic steps to get the energy flowing in your life.

The other day I was listening to the feng shui guru of gurus, Marie Diamond, talking about the three ‘lucks’ in our lives. This reminded me of a small-framed sign that used to amuse me as a child. I could almost anticipate which homes would have it. Usually the homes of little old ladies and usually it hung in the hallway or kitchen with a small image of praying hands or a sunset or something similar.

I’m talking about the serenity prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr: ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.’ There was a smugness and resignation about it that got up my nose even as a child. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I hated this sign with a passion and anyone who hung it immediately scored a black mark in my book. (Not that they could care less what that horrible bushy eye-browed brat thought anyway!)

But now that I am tiptoeing gradually in the direction of ‘little-old-ladydom’ I’m thinking that maybe that prayer had some wisdom in it after all! There are things we can change and things we can’t. Yet still there is a part of me that totally rebels against this idea.

There is a lot more we can change than we realise.

Marie Diamond talks about heaven luck, human luck and earth luck. With the idea that you have no direct control over heaven luck though you can influence it by changing your human and earth luck. I disagree.

Granted some ‘heaven luck’ things we can’t change, such as ‘place of birth: Boksburg’ or the astrological moment of your birth, or your dreaded relatives, and these have an impact on our lives. But what we can change is our attitude to our ‘heaven luck’ and that changes everything.

Besides, some ‘heaven luck’ things you can change directly, such as your name, and this can greatly effect you energetically. When you change your name you change both your temperament and your destiny. Women need to consider these implications when changing name through marriage. We can also conciously improve a child's destiny by choosing names wisely and appropriately depending on the day the child is born.

You can also change the energetic effect of family circumstances and birth date on you by being conscious of cycles (5th law of universe/the law of rhythm) andusing the timing of these cycles to your advantage and also by reframing the past.

Knowing your fingerprints can help you reframe the past because they help you realise that you chose the circumstances into which you were born. You are the actor, director and author of your movie.

Back to Marie Diamond’s 3 lucks.
According to Marie, there’s
Heaven Luck (the life circumstances you were born into, including your talents).
Human Luck – your attitudes and behaviours that determine what you do with ‘heaven luck’.
Earth Luck – the positive and negative influences of the environment that you live and work in.

Feng shui improves your earth luck enabling you to consciously direct the flow of energy around you 24 hours a day. Recent studies show that changing the feng shui of a room actually influences brainwaves!
According to Diamond, ‘Feng shui is like a form of acupuncture for the unified field of energy that includes your home and body. Activate an area of your home and you start a flow of energy through your body, mind and soul for more success in your career, health, relationships and spiritual growth.’

Here are her 5 basic steps to improve the flow of energy
in your home or office environment.

Step 1. clean your de-clutter your home or work space
Think of yourself as a queen or king taking up residence in your home.
Prepare every room with this in mind. Create space, clear clutter, wipe away dust, clean the floors. Remove all dead and dried flowers. Put out fresh bouquets or bowls of fruit instead. (You need to create a vacuum for new things to come into your life by getting rid of all things that no longer serve you. For now, just hide the clutter in closets.

Choose a chair for a king or queen.
Sit on a strong, solid high backed chair with a solid wall behind your back.

Step3.Position your desk
Position yourself like a king or queen where you can see the incoming flow from where you sit. You’ll make the right decisions because you can see opportunities that come to you. However, don’t sit in the direct flow from the door.

Step 4. Position your bed.
Dreams and inspiration influence great decisions so position your bed Sleep in a queen or king sized bed, even if alone. Position your bed so that you can see the door but are not in the flow and have a solid wall behind you.
Sleep with your head towards one of your four best directions.
To do this you need to know your Kua (personal energy number) number.
Go here and look for your number according to your birthdate and gender.:

To see what your 4 most favourable directions are go here and scroll down to auspicious directions

KUA Number Success Health Love Growth Misfortune Directions

West Group
5 (Male) NE W NW SW E,SE,S,N
5 (Female) SW NW W NE S,N,E,SE

Step 5:
Activate your personal best directions. (see chart above) but don't ever put fire elements in the NW of your home.
Position yourself facing your personal best directions whenever you can.

Here are some New Year tips from marie Diamond to help you slide into the New Year.

As they say in Switzerland,
Gute Rutsch! (wishing you a good slide into 2008!)

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