Saturday, July 14, 2007

Are you a turtle or a hedgehog?

I never used to have a bubble or doubling on my heartline!
This is something I have watched grow into my hands with a
mixture of both horror and fascination over the last 2
years. Doubling and dangling x's!!!
Did I say dangling x's?! I don't want dangling x's on my
hand! Help!!! Rub them out quick!

What am I talking about?
Take a look at your heartline. That's one of the 3 main
lines on your hand. The one that runs closest to your

Doubling means instead of one smooth line it's double in

The most common place to get doubling on a heartline is
under the pinkie (Mercury) or under the ring finger
(Apollo) or both. The point on your heartline directly between
these two fingers is called the 'point of intimacy'. That's the place
where you get a bubble on your heartline if you were ever badly
hurt by a lover/partner/spouse.

If you've got doubling on your heartline that means you've
built a protective shield around your heart to stop
yourself getting hurt in the future.

There's a good news and a bad news side to this little

The good news side? You won't easily get hurt.

The bad news side? Well, have you ever tried to hug a
turtle? It's not much fun, is it?

Some people are even harder to get close to than turtles.
They're all prickly. Now, who's going to be dumb enough to
willingly hug a hedgehog?

If you've been hurt over and over in relationships, it's
difficult to 'open up' and be vulnerable. But look at it
from the other side of your towering walls.

It takes a real hero/ Prince Charming to hack their way in.
It's hard work and
not much fun. Especially if all those spiked brambles keep
growing back!

When you have doubling on your heartline, this is caused by
conflict between your heart and your brain. It indicates a
fear of vulnerability.

The mind says, 'I don't want to risk getting hurt. My life
is as good as it is. It's safer and more manageable to be

But the heart would never say that. It only wants to love
and be loved. Deep down we all seek intimate connection
with another human being.

Doubling on the heartline has the effect of turning down
the volume on your heart so that you can't hear it's

If you've been living this way for a while, you can
recognise the feelings you want to have, but you can't
engage because you're so used to keeping the heart's
volume as low as possible.

In extreme cases, you feel a 'disconnect' between the
feelings you think you should be having and actually
feeling them.

Sometimes we are so starved of turning the heart volume up
that we look for someone else to create it for us. You want
the other person to be more open, more interested, more engaged
because you don't want to be.

This causes the other person to back off thinking, 'Why do
they want so much from me??'

Vulnerability is what allows healing to begin.
Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It's intoxicating.
And it's the key to connectedness.

And what about dangling x's? That will have to be next
week's topic!

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