Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is your partner your ideal mate?

Today we're going to look at our heart lines and how they can help us live happier lives.

Your heart line reveals your emotional type.

Why is it important to know your type?

Because each type has different emotional needs and a different
relationship style.

The key to being a happy healthy you, is to live your type.

The key to building successful relationships (of any nature) is knowing your emotional style and needs. The more you are in touch with your own emotional needs the easier it is to make sure you get loved the way you need to be loved.

One of the most common mistakes we make is expecting others to love us the same way we love them. In reality, we all need to be loved in different ways. It helps to know what works for you and what doesn’t and then communicate this.

Another reason to know your type has to do with natural attraction.

What keeps the energy flowing between two people?


Like attract like?

or do

Opposites attract?

Actually, both!

Like-minded thinking is what keeps the train from derailing.
But opposite temperament is what propels the train forward.

To keep a relationship on track it helps to have:
Shared values,
Shared beliefs about what planet we’re on and how it works
Shared dreams or goals
Shared ideas about child rearing
Mutual respect…..

Without this common ground it’s virtually impossible to make a relationship work, irrespective of how big the spark was in the beginning.

But when it comes to temperament, there’s a different force that binds us. Here opposites really do attract. There is a strong yin-yang push-pull force propelling, attracting, bonding us and keeping the energy dynamic and flowing.

Ever see couples sitting in a restaurant with virtually nothing to say to each other? It’s as if there is no dynamic, the energy just doesn’t flow.
This could be because they’re just too similar, or totally incompatible.

The danger here is that one person may try to adjust him or herself to fit the other person’s needs. As I mentioned before, to be a happy healthy you, you need to live your type.

Are you living your type?

What heart line type are you? There are 4 basic types.

Earth heart line types need freedom and hate clinginess
They show their affections through actions rather than words.
Their relationship style is reserved, ‘Not now, I’m busy.’

Water types need connection. They are sensitive and caring
They are sometimes too giving and flexible and seek to be contained.
Their relationship style is nurturing.

Water and Earth types compliment each other perfectly.

Fire types are vivacious and like to be the centre of attention. They need passion and hate boredom. They are challenged to focus and may over display inappropriately.
Relationship style: let me tell you what I want.

Air types are romantic idealists. They are thoughtful, considerate, and rational and hate conflict. Their relationship style is analysis paralysis; to think about feelings rather than express them in the moment.

Fire and air types compliment each other perfectly.

To figure out your heart line type, go here

Once you’ve figured out what type you are, here’s a simple exercise to help you get more in touch with whether your needs are being met.

Write down 8 needs you have right now. Then draw a cup alongside each need and indicate how full this cup is at the moment.

Get your partner to do the same and share your cup drawings with each other.

Now write 8 things you really like about your partner and share these too.
Appreciation is often the thing we need most. It costs nothing to give, but it enriches both sides once given.

Wishing you a week full of love and appreciation,
Thanks for staying with me right to the end!


PS: To find out more about heart lines,
go here.

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