Monday, February 4, 2008

How rats can change your fortune.

Just when I thought all the hullabaloo of New Year was over
along comes Marie Diamond (Feng shui guru of gurus) with the reminder that 7 February is New Year according to the Chinese scheme of things.

You might think, I’m not Chinese! What has this got to do with me? !
A lot actually because this calendar is tied in to energetic moon cycles that affect the entire planet. This is not a hard and fast fixed date like our New Year is, but varies from year to year.

The first time I really took notice of this calendar was when my son was born 9 years ago in Phuket. His Thai birth certificate says he was born in the year 2542! (year of the rabbit).
They count the years from Buddha not Christ).

Funnily enough he was born on Easter Sunday, which is one of the few days on our calendar that ‘floats’ the way the Chinese NY does. (Also, being year of the rabbit, he really is the Easter Bunny!)

The other day I overheard him talking to friends. He told them, although we celebrate his birthday on 4 April, his real birthday is the 8th!

I chipped in with, ‘Huh…..???? How do you work that out?’ and he said, ‘Well, I was born on Easter Sunday and Easter Sunday was the 8th!

This started me off on a rather convoluted explanation of how Easter Sunday is different every year and when he was born it just happened to be on the 4th. In response, he very quickly pointed out how lucky he was having 2 birthdays every year instead of just one like everyone else!

We’re not all as lucky as Jules to have two birthdays a year, but we can all enjoy two New Years quite legitimately if we’re willing to embrace the opportunity.

So, if you’ve already blown your New Year’s resolutions, here’s your second chance! Tell everyone you work according to the Chinese calendar, which is far more ‘in tune’ with your inner needs!

What has this got to do with luck, let alone hand analysis?

We each have 3 kinds of luck. One third is Heaven luck, one third Human luck and one third Earth luck.

Heaven luck has to do with everything you were born into. The day and place you were born, your gender, the family you were born into etc. For a hand analysis point of view, your dermatoglyphics (fingerprint pattern) is part of your heaven luck.

Why? Your fingerprints show your highest and lowest energy before you were born (from a family DNA point of view or a karmic wound point of view depending on what you believe). This is the part of you that needs to be grown. The real reason why you are on this planet.

Your hands also show your Human luck: Your talents, temperament and other personality resources and how you can best use those resources.

Earth luck is not visible in your hands. But you can use your hands to change Earth luck more easily than the other two lucks.

How? By consciously manipulating your environment, adding, removing or moving objects that cause either beneficial or harmful energies into your surroundings. This can be obvious, like electro smoke or radioactive material or subtler, like Feng shui activators. You can also use your hands to improve the energy around you with intention.

So, how can you hop into the Chinese NY on the right foot?

Between now and the 7th Feb, change your doormats for a fresh start. Activate various Feng shui stars if you are into that sort of thing. For example, bring abundance in your life by putting a long pointy quartz crystal in the East part of your home.

And what’s with the Rat?

Marie Diamond’s advice:
“To bring the support of the Earth Rat year into your life, place a small (two to three inches) quartz crystal or a yellow or gold stone such as amber in the North area of your living room or workplace. Look for one that has a long shape so it resembles the shape of a little mouse. If your Chinese astrological animal is the Rat, or if you are the Rat’s ally or secret friend (Dragon, Monkey, and Ox), place an image or object of a mouse or rat instead of the crystal. For children this can even be a cartoon image if preferred.”

So, to risk being told I’m repeating myself…..Happy New Year!!!
; ))

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