Monday, April 21, 2008

Know your clients at a glance - palmistry class

Just to let you know that the April Hand Analysis Online
Mastermind class takes place in a few hours.

Topic: Know your clients at a glance.

We'll be discussing hand shape, thumb and finger

You'll learn how to communicate differently with
clients depending on their temperament and
communication needs.

Date: Monday 21 April 2008.

Time: 9pm Switzerland/Central Europe and SA, 3pm EST,
12 noon PST

If you wish to attend this class or have access to the replay
please sign up on the member's page:

A recording of the class will be mailed to all members later in
the week.

The purpose of this mastermind group is to teach you to
understand the language of hands as quickly and simply as

There are several other advantages to joining the group.

Here are just some:
When you sign in you will be sent inked sheets so that your
prints can be discussed during in the classes.
You'll learn what your life purpose and life lessons are.
You can download the basics immediately plus several free
You can access important reference books, such as Gift Markings
for highly reduced prices.
Also, for a limited time, Beth's 80% discount on her 10 finger
zones classes will still be available to members of my
mastermind study group.

If you are serious about learning the language of hands,
join us on the call later today. Or sign up and get the CD sent
to you to listen to at your leasure.

We look forward to having you with us in the class.

Happy week,

PS: To register for tonight's call, become a member here:

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