Monday, June 23, 2008

Are you struggling to make decisions?

Perhaps you haven't noticed this while looking in the mirror,
you've actually got 3 eyes not two!
And if you walk around with the middle one shut tight
that's when all hell breaks loose.


Have you ever been completely stuck where you absolutely can't
decide what to do?

Your third eye is all about clarity and seeing things in
If you block this ability you won't be able to decide on
anything, even life's major choices.

Here's a fun example of this condition from Richard

Mary: Should I marry Joe or Jack or Jim? Or
should I rather join a nunnery or maybe just have a se,x change

The danger is to wait until all your better options fall away
and you're left with no choice to make at all. Just the worst

The middle section of your thumb has to do with your third eye.
If you have several horizontal lines inside this area this means
you have trouble deciding what to do due to clack of clarity.

What does this marker look like? Go here:

Try imagining a window where your 3rd eye is, with sunlight
streaming in. Close your other 2 eyes and breathe this light in.

Fence sitting can also show up in your fingerprints.

People who have 2 or more tented arch fingerprints often can't
decide because they'd like to know the outcome first. This is a
different kind of indecision. But still, the danger is you put
your life on hold. Until someone else decides for you or all the
better options disappear.

The trick is, just do it!
"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it
--Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882

Just don't write and tell me it's all my fault you went ahead
with the se,x change!
; )

Here are some tools from HearthMath to help cope with the stress
of making decisions.

Also from HeartMath, 9 ways to relieve your money stress right
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