Friday, January 30, 2009

zürich guineapigs wanted

hey! I don't want to play alone tonight!

aren't you just a little bit curious,
adventurous, daring, fun and always willing
to try some thing new
and exciting?

you are?

then please offer yourself up right now
as an experimental guineapig
for tonight's workshop!

you can't??

ok, then offer your wife!

you haven't got one?

ok, how about an ex-husband
or just one of your many friends?

surely you can sacrifice at least one of
them to science?


the science of figuring out just why
they're on this planet.

if they survive you can come next time.

: ))

if they come back with a strange hairdo
hopefully they will have captured it on canvas!

please forward this mail to all your
friends in zürich.

you haven't got any friends in zürich?

ok. how about switzerland?

no friends there either?
just me!

oh my gosh. you mean we'll have to make
this brilliant new workshop happen online!

come play. come find out why you're on this planet.

passion + purpose = payed to play
(do you notice most people leave the 'l' out of play?)

why? because they haven't figured out how yet.

so, how?
the solution's in your hands

wishing you a playful friday eve,
(with me!!! hopefully) ; )


ps: please forward this to anyone and everyone
you know in zürich

you don't know anyone?
let's not start that again!

Find out more here

passion + purpose = paid to play

can't do the math?

The solution's in your hands


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