Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Do you have a Simian Crease?

Today's blog is dedicated to Silver Shaman James, who wrote to me asking for more information about his double Simian Crease.
A Simian crease is a gift marker.

What exactly is a gift marker?

Every 'thing' or quality that we possess has a light and ashadow side.
The bigger something is, the bigger its shadow.
Often it is only by exploring our shadows that we see how big we really are.

If there are big shadows in your life, ask yourself this: what enormous qualities do I possess that are causing these shadows?
The real question is, once we know who we really are, do we focus on the positive or the negative? Our light side or our dark.

This is the gift of hand analysis. To show you that you do actually have a choice!

If you have a gift marker in your hand this is a big deal. It means you havea talent that is so big that the shadow side absolutely cannot be ignored.

Why is that?
Because the gift needs to be centre stage in your life.
You are given a gift and you are absolutely required to use it.
Think ofyour gift marker as a very unusual, dangerous double-edged sword.
Why unusual? Because it is dangerous to no-one except yourself.
If you are not using your gift marker out in the world you will use it against yourself.
You will fall on your own sword. You just can't help it.

This is the dark side of gift markers. They each come with their very own, very specific penalty for non-use. And normally, these penalties are pretty deadly. (In German, ‘gift’ means ‘poison’! I find this‘co-incidence’ wonderfully poignant!)

The good news? (This is also why hand analysis is so powerful)

You can fix your ‘problem’ in an instant!

How? Know what you have and use it consciously! (This applies to everything in life actually!)
Back to Simians.
What exactly is a Simian line?

This is when you have only 2 major lines on your hand instead of three. Instead of having a heart line and a headline you have only one line. This means that the energy of the heart (feelings) and the head (thoughts) are fused.

What does this look like?
Why is it called a Simian crease? Because apes also only have two lines on their hands.

The Simian crease is the most medically researched marker on hands because it is the most noticeable. A very high percentage of Down's syndrome children have this marker. But this doesn't mean everyone with this marker has Down's. Quitethe opposite! Many highly intelligent, highly evolved people have this marker.

If you have this marker in your hand, know that you are blessed with tremendous powers that other people don't have.

If you have a double Simian then you are a very rare bird indeed. Your talents are multiplied. But, the penalty for not using your gift is also multiplied. (Normally this marker is just onone hand).

The more conscious you are, the more likely you are to be in the positive side of this marker.

What are my gifts as a Simian?

Know that you are blessed with gifts of extremism, intensity and stamina.
This is a tremendous gift. Hone it!

1. Get very clear about what youwant because you have been given far more power than others to achieve your goals.When you want something you want it with your heart and mind.
2. Be conscious rather than unconscious aboutyour gift and its shadow side (feeling misunderstood). The more conscious you are, the more you can turn this gift into a positive resource rather than a handicap.
3. Make sure you have a worthy project or career upon which you can focus your intensity or you’ll start lighting fires in all the wrong places.

1.Other people can't keep up. Be more tolerant andunderstanding of this. Try not to judge others for not keeping up with you.
2. You always do a lot more than others. Same as above; be gentle on others for not having your gift. You will always do more because you can do more. Love this about yourself but also learn to manage your energy and set clear boundaries so that you don't burn out.
3. Your energy is either on or off. All or nothing. People around you might see you as inflexible and may not support you as a result. Seek their support through mutual respect of each other's needs. Try to be conscious of when you are taking an extreme view.
4. Feeling and being misunderstood (the black box syndrome). Communication in both directions tends to get scrambled. Ask for feedback, double check communication if you think people have misunderstood you.
Typical examples:
a. Your intensity comes across as anger or frustration
b. people give their opinion and you hear it as criticism
c. You may come across as cold and aloof when you think you are being considerate

Always ask your listener, 'What did you hear me say?' or ‘Could you please tell me what you just heard me say?’

For more on this marker, read my blog Thursday June 21on this marker. Are you feeling misunderstood?

For the rest of us without Simian lines, getting focused is one of the single biggest things you can do to move your life forward.

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This is one of the most important books written in the last 100 years and a must read if you wish to move your life forward.

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