Friday, March 23, 2007

Hand analysis: display your fingerprint art in the Skin Carvings Gallery

The Skin Carvings Art Gallery

Fingerprints are your soul's imprint
on your physical body.
They are your soul's signature
They are unique
They are with you for life
They are beautiful

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Send in your unique fingerprint imagery to
and we'll post your art or photos plus a link to your website in the Skin Carvings Art Gallery.

Learn how to photograph your own fingerprints using a simple digital camera

What kind of fingerprints do you have?

Do you have whorls, loops, peacocks, arches, tented arches, gamuts or weird suckers??
Are they all the same? Are they all different?
Does any one in particular stand out?
Every finger tells a different story about who you are
and who you were meant to become.
What Earth School are you in?

Facts about fingerprints:
  • Our fingerprints are unique because our souls are unique.
  • Fingerprints start forming 8 weeks after conception and by 20 weeks are fully formed and unchangable.
  • If a fingerprint gets damaged it repairs itself gradually from within.
  • Fingerprints are also called dermatoglyphics which means 'skin carvings'.

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