Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you have a solution brain?

If your headline curves up towards your index finger this means you have a solution brain.

How do you work this out?

There is a particular type of energy that runs up through the palm and out of each finger. This is best described as archetypal energy:

A different type of archetypal energy runs through each finger. The energy that runs up though the index finger is related to the Jupiter archetype.

This is to do with power and influence, and how this manifests: ge. vision, status, territory, standing one's ground, ambition, respect and so on. Excess or lack of these particular qualities show up in different ways in the area below this finger or on it.

Think about it a moment. What signs do you make with your index finger?

You can point, wag or shake it at someone, pull a trigger, or indicate someone to come in your direction.

This energy influences all lines in this area and the plumpness of the finger zones.

So, when this energy pulls the headline up, this is the kind of brain one would expect in leaders. An ability to quickly find a solution to any problem.

Why is it good to know if you have this marker?
If you have a solution brain and you're not using it enough in your work, you're in danger of giving unsolicited advice. This causes disconnect, particularly with family and close friends. They may even get angry with you for interferring even though from your point of view your ideas really help solve the problem.

Learn to only give advice when it's asked for and always start from a place of common ground. Something you agree on. This way people will be more willing to listen to your ideas.

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