Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Year wishes for you

My wishes for you in 2009:

May you love and be loved, fully, undeservedly and passionately
May you let go of the past, by embracing it.
May you cherish your time
May you have courage
May you have focus
May you connect with source
May you be lead though play
May you act on your intuition
May you speak your truth
May you surround yourself only with friends who embrace your highest vision of yourself.
May you commit fully
May you not hold back
May you never give up on yourself
May you cherish the sacred, in you, in others, in nature.
May you be both successful and happy, and not put off one for the other.
May you have both peace and prosperity, and not forfeit one for the other
May you be more gentle with yourself and others and have less rules.
May you honour your body, you spirit and your life purpose

In short:

May you choose heaven instead of hell, with every breath and every thought.

Wishing you a sacred time now with friends and family and in the coming year

With love,

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