Friday, May 9, 2008

What type of antennas do you have?

The tips of your fingers reveal how you perceive the world. They are your antenna types. They indicate both your receiver and transmitter style. Your antennas filter information coming in from the world around you.

Round square spatulate pointy

There are 4 basic finger tip types: rounded (conic), square, spatulate and pointy. As usual this can be related to the elements:
Water, earth, fire and air, and in this case, etheric.

Look at your hands right now. What tip type do you have?

It's quite possible that you have a different shape on each finger. If that's the case, hang fire, we're get there.

Most people have rounded (conic) tip types. This a water characteristic, indicating a tendency to be friendly, sociable, cheerful, emotional, impulsive, imaginative and easily influenced. Children usually have rounded finger tips. The shadow side? You could try too hard to please others. Index (Jupiter) fingers are usually rounded.

Square tipped fingers indicate order and exactitude. This is a practical earth attribute related to precision, regularity, caution. The shadow side? People with square tips could play the tyrant if these characteristics are taken to the extreme. Middle fingers (saturn) are often square shaped because this is the same energy that runs through this finger.

Spatulate tips indicate creativity, originality, inventiveness and a need for endless action. This is a fire characteristics. The shadow side? Are you a whirlwind, changing everything around you just for the sake of it? Ring fingers (apollo) are usually slightly spatulate. Makes sense because creativity is the energy associated with this finger.

Pointy finger tips indicate a spiritual focus. This is an etheric attribute. People with these tip types are in this world but not of it: highly intuitive, dreamers, poets and mystics. The shadow side? therre's always a danger of becoming too fanatical. Pinky and index (Mercury and Jupiter) fingers get pointy more often than other fingers.

If your fingers are not all the same tip type then which shape is on which finger is important. When ever pointy tips show up individually this is a big deal. As are any shapes out of the norm, such as a square tip on a pinky finger or a rounded tip on Apollo.

How can you tell what this means?

Briefly, each finger has a differnt type of energy running through it. Index fingers have Jupiter energy such as leadership and vision. Middle fingers express saturn energy, such as structure, systems and detail. Ring fingers express apollo energy. In other words, how you express your creativity. Little fingers (Mercury), are to do with communication and relationships, both inner and outer (left hand vs right).

So, simply combine the two characteristics. If your pinky is pointy this means mean spiritual communication is vital. This is the mark of a spiritual advisor or psychic. It also means this person wants a partner who is willing to walk this path with them or at least endorse and support their mission.

A square tipped pinky indicates good business sense. A pointy middle finger is more rare. This is called the druid's cap. This indicates an interest in obscure or ancient systems, cosmology, etc. Conic shaped ring fingers are also unusual. This indicates a need for visual harmony. If you have this type of ring finger, chances are you pin your friends down and pluck their eyebrows or do whatever it takes to restore your own sense of visual harmony!

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