Thursday, June 21, 2007

are you feeling misunderstood?

here's a fun example of what happens more often than we care to realize:

Sometimes people hear things differently to what we intend to say.
This happens to all of us sometime or other
but if you have a Simian line in your hand this is an ongoing hurdle.

Do you have a Simian line?

If you have only two major lines on your hand instead of three, you've got a Simian line. A Simian is considered a giftmarker because it indicates a tremendous ability for extreme focus. This is the positive side of what happens when the energy of the heart and head fuse.

But as with every giftmarker, there's a downside. In this case, the challenge is extreme miscommunication. What you say doesn't quite turn out the way you meant it.
People think you're being cold or distant when you think you're being considerate.

At the IIHA this is called the 'blackbox' syndrome. It's like always having a black box between you and other people. What you say to others (or vice versa) goes in one side and comes out scrambled on the other.

Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis has a Simian. So does Tony Blair and numerous other high profile people.

Down's syndrome people have this marker in statistically higher proportions. But this doesn't mean everyone with this marker has Down's. Quite the opposite. It seems, the higher the intellect of the owner the easier it is to use this fusion of energy in a positive way. . Actually, it is not a question of intellect but more a question of consciousness. As with all giftmarkers, the more conscious the person is, the more likely they are in the positive rather than negative side of their giftmarker.

If you have a problem with miscommunication, ask the other person to rerun the movie through their eyes. This will give you a chance to check if the other person has understood exactly what you meant.

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