Monday, February 2, 2009

paid in potatoes for palm reading?

Look what I was just given!

what is it?
a potato!

who gave it to you?
I dunno. Let me guess...
god? my guardian angel? my higher self? a swiss farmer? nobody?
I'm just making this all up?

all of these answers are probably true!

at the same time?!

that's the delicious juicy mystery
of this adventure called life.

I'm taking it as a sign I'm on the right track!

if you want to be in on this
be sure to sign in on my newsletter.

It's full of crib notes, short cuts
a breath of fresh air really.

grab it. It's a rope out of hell.

Do you know, you can squeeze the last sentence into just one word?

; )

Take another look at my potato in the photo above.

my potato? your potato? our potato?


I don't own this potato any more!

The minute I dropped it into
the cyber pond
it became a gift to everyone
in the pond.

something like the miracle
of the bread multipying.

Just goes to prove, you can eat your potato and have it!!!

so what does this mean?

All the rules are changing on this planet.


Better get a new manual.
or read your package insert.

The instructions that came with you
when you were born.

where are they?
Written in your fingerprints!

Learn to read yours the easy way.
Make sure you're on the list.

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