Friday, October 19, 2007

Does hand analysis really work? Try this simple demonstration!

Try this simple demonstration!

Hold your two hands up and look at the inside of your wrists. You will see a bracelet-like wrinkle directly underneath each palm. Put your two wrists together so you line these wrinkles up exactly. Now stretch your fingers up towards each other, with your hands together, as if in prayer. Look at where the tips of your fingers meet. Is one hand longer than the other or are they the same length? Take the shorter hand (or any of your hands if both are the same length) and hold it up palm toward you in front of your face about 30 cm (12 inches) away.

Now say out aloud, 'Grow longer!'
Say this firmly and with conviction 8 to 10 times.

Now line up the same wrinkles again and see which hand is bigger!

It's astonishing isn't it? Your hand really does grow!

That's because your hands are energy outlets. They are highly sensitive organs that channel and respond to the energy in your body, including your thoughts!

(If you've been reading this and haven't yet done this exercise, please do it now!)

Thoughts are energy. And you can change everything in your life by how you decide to channel your thoughts.

As Einstein once said: Your thoughts are a preview to your life's forthcoming attractions!

If you'd like to find out more about what your hands can tell you about how you can lead a full, delicious, rewarding life perhaps it's time to consider hand analysis.

Find out more here

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Do you have a broken Life line?

A broken life line does NOT mean you will die early or have some terrible accident.

No-one can tell you how long you are going to live by measuring the length of your lifeline.

Your life line shows what kind of anchor you have. Do you have no anchor or a strong one? This has to do with family background conditions and how grounded you are in your body and on the planet. Your life line also shows how you expend your energy,

If you have a weak anchor, try body work such as tai chi, healing tao, dance, martial arts or yoga to help you become more grounded.

Sometimes you life line is disturbed by your career line. This is called a '3 for 2' (3 lines instead of 2) and means your work needs to be all-consuming. In other words, you need a mission. A life project that fascinates you and keeps you occupied day and night. Your occupation isn't just a job. It's something you eat, sleep and breathe. It's your oxygen; what keeps you going. In a sense, your work is your anchor.

If this is you, you're not designed to be a 9 to 5er!

Have you found your mission in life yet?

Perhaps it's time you had your hands analysed to find out if you have any special talents you're totally unaware of.

Find out more about having a private consultation here.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

On being more self supportive

Thought for the day:

“You can't help someone get up a hill without getting
closer to the top yourself.”–H. Norman Schwarzkopf

If there was anyone who really needed to read a blog
on self support last week it was me!!!

Is this fact positive or negative?

This question is the starting point and the key.

We support ourselves when we realise that no matter who we
are, where we are, or how disastrous our lives are right
now, there’s always one thing that we alone control fully.
And by changing this one thing we change everything.

So, what is this one thing?

Our attitude.

Everything in life has a flip side.
The question is: which side do you focus on?

Do you look for the advantage or do you trip over the

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Were your parents real scumbags or did you choose them
carefully to help you become who you are today?

How you interpret past and present experience is the main
trip switch that overrides your entire circuit board. Flip
this one switch and you change everything in your life
within the wink of an eye.

(There’s a beautiful Zen poem on this.
It says: a split hair’s difference and heaven and hell are
set apart.
And it’s so true.)

So, how do we flip this switch?

This is a technique called ‘reframing’.

And it’s the single most useful tool you can have in your
‘self support’ toolkit.

Here’s an example from my life: Once, a zillion years ago,
I was taking part in a triathlon (SA champs 1988?) Going
round a corner, I dropped my water bottle full of precious
energy supplement. I was way behind some other girls (far
better swimmers) and still had 30km of cycling and a 10 km
run ahead. When I dropped that bottle I could have said,
‘Oh no, I’m buggered!’ and then I would have been. But, by
some miracle, I didn’t. Instead I told myself, ‘Obviously I
don’t need that today. It’s just extra weight to carry.’
Then I put my head down and in the end won that race, much
to everyone’s surprise.

The point is: we can’t change things that have already
happened. But we can change our interpretation of events.
And reframe it so that it supports us rather than gets in
our way.

This is where fingerprint analysis is so powerful. It helps
you reframe your past, by understanding that you chose your
parents for a reason. And that everything that’s happened
(and is happening) is for your benefit.

The Chinese have always known about this. Their word for
‘crisis’ is made up of 2 other words/symbols. One meaning
‘opportunity’ and the other ‘chaos’. In every crisis, as in
every single moment in our life, we are faced with one
basic choice. Positive or negative? Heaven or hell?

How else can we be more self-supporting?

By managing our energy (keeping one’s vibration high)
By getting quiet enough to listen to inner guidance.
By acting on intuition immediately
By reframing the past.
By loving what is.
By taking full responsibility for everything that happens
in one’s life.
By developing bone deep honesty with ourselves
By examining the choices we make. Are they based on fear or
on faith?
By changing these choices if they do not serve us.
By developing healthy personal boundaries
By showing up for our selves
By keeping the promises we make to ourselves
By respecting our own time
By replacing habits that don’t serve us with ones that do.
By trying to change no more than one habit at a time.
By taking small consistent steps instead of big irregular
By being a person of action instead of reaction
By not putting our life purpose on ice
By feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
By formulating clear, precise goals
By not quitting
By surrounding ourselves with supportive people
By actually asking for what we need or want
By finding a mentor and/or positive role model.
By getting someone to hold us accountable.
By joining a mastermind…..

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hands don't just talk

Hand's don't just talk to us...they can sing too!!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Are you feeling unsupported or betrayed?

I've been back 2 weeks now from my trip to SA and still
I find myself running.
From what?

Dangling X's!?

Yes, I know. I've left you dangling far too long about what
they actually mean.
In fact, I've left this issue dangling so long you could be
in danger of growing this marker on your hand as a result!
(And so could I!)

Let's see if we can start to rub these blighters out with
the help of this newsletter.

First a bit about my trip.

My fears about spending our 'summer holiday' in South
Africa's mid-winter were unfounded. The weather was
sublime, warmer than here! The bushveld was looking
magnificent with aloes all aflame, no mosquitoes and, we
wore Tshirts! It was great to catch up with family and
friends especially for Jules to get to know his grand

My courses and consultations went well too. There are now
14 people in SA who can decode fingerprints. If you are one
of these 14, congratulations! I hope you are practising on
family and friends. Thanks also to all who allowed me the
privilege of looking into their hands while I was over

Back to dangling X's.
Dangling X's look just like they sound. Like little or big
X's dangling just below your heartline.

What do they indicate?

X's that hang like dirty laundry on a wash line are to do
with feeling unsupported.

By whom? In what way?

Well that depends on exactly where they show up.

Let's look at 2 common places:
1. If they dangle under your heartline below your Apollo
(ring) finger this means you feel unsupported by your

2. If they dangle under the 'point of intimacy', (that is,
the point on your heartline directly between your ring
finger and pinkie) this has to do with feeling unsupported
by your spouse or intimate partner. When this X is very
large it means the feeling is more extreme. Betrayal might
be a better word!

But this is just the first take.

It's easy to say, 'My husband betrayed me when he ran off
with another woman.' but if we look beyond the pain, behind
the veil, is that really true?

It takes a huge amount of personal honesty to recognise
ourselves in the mirror. The only person who can really
betray us is ourselves. We betray ourselves when we don't
honour our own truth. When we don't listen to our inner
guidance. When we give up on our dreams or don't support
ourselves in numerous small or big ways.

Usually it takes quite a bit of not supporting oneself
before one's partner is ready to collaborate and mirror for
you the shadow side of self betrayal. Ask me! (been there,
done that, bought the t-shirt.!)

If you are feeling unsupported by your intimate partner ask
yourself: in what way am I not supporting myself?

And, what about friends?

Let's examine this feeling of not being supported by
friends a bit deeper.

I find this one even more difficult to own up to.

Have you ever heard this wisecrack:
'I can keep a secret. It's the people I tell it to who
can't!' ?
Well, that's what these particular X's are mostly about at
a deeper level.

Sometimes takes years of therapy to see that the betrayal
we accuse others of is actually in our own hearts.

When this happened to me once it knocked the wind right out
of my sails.
I always thought of myself as loyal and honest but I broke
a friend's confidence by passing on delicate (okay let's
get real here. Make that juicy and highly damaging!!)
information to my husband about a third person (his new

I thought as "the wounded one" I was justified in
'enlightening' him. But in the process I betrayed a dear
friend. It turned out she was the only person on the planet
who knew that particular snippet of information and I'd let
her down real bad by breaking her confidence and passing the
information on.

It's not a question of whether you can trust the next
person with the information.
The question is, can you keep a confidence? Can you refrain
from passing on gossip?

I once came across a list of quotes by famous people
compiled by a leading personal growth expert.(I forget
which one). About halfway down was this:
'If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say
anything.' by....... your mother!

I thought this was very funny because that is exactly what
my mom used to say.
Probably yours too!!

So how can we support ourselves?

By listening to inner guidance. By showing up for
ourselves. By setting limits. By staying congruent. By not
putting our life purpose in ice. By putting our own joy and
happiness first...

In my next blog we'll look at these and other ways we can support
ourselves in more detail.

In the meantime, if you need any support, just look at your
Your strengths and talents are all there.


PS: If you haven't had a hand analysis consultation yet,
please go to
There's no better way to show yourself some genuine

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Are you a turtle or a hedgehog?

I never used to have a bubble or doubling on my heartline!
This is something I have watched grow into my hands with a
mixture of both horror and fascination over the last 2
years. Doubling and dangling x's!!!
Did I say dangling x's?! I don't want dangling x's on my
hand! Help!!! Rub them out quick!

What am I talking about?
Take a look at your heartline. That's one of the 3 main
lines on your hand. The one that runs closest to your

Doubling means instead of one smooth line it's double in

The most common place to get doubling on a heartline is
under the pinkie (Mercury) or under the ring finger
(Apollo) or both. The point on your heartline directly between
these two fingers is called the 'point of intimacy'. That's the place
where you get a bubble on your heartline if you were ever badly
hurt by a lover/partner/spouse.

If you've got doubling on your heartline that means you've
built a protective shield around your heart to stop
yourself getting hurt in the future.

There's a good news and a bad news side to this little

The good news side? You won't easily get hurt.

The bad news side? Well, have you ever tried to hug a
turtle? It's not much fun, is it?

Some people are even harder to get close to than turtles.
They're all prickly. Now, who's going to be dumb enough to
willingly hug a hedgehog?

If you've been hurt over and over in relationships, it's
difficult to 'open up' and be vulnerable. But look at it
from the other side of your towering walls.

It takes a real hero/ Prince Charming to hack their way in.
It's hard work and
not much fun. Especially if all those spiked brambles keep
growing back!

When you have doubling on your heartline, this is caused by
conflict between your heart and your brain. It indicates a
fear of vulnerability.

The mind says, 'I don't want to risk getting hurt. My life
is as good as it is. It's safer and more manageable to be

But the heart would never say that. It only wants to love
and be loved. Deep down we all seek intimate connection
with another human being.

Doubling on the heartline has the effect of turning down
the volume on your heart so that you can't hear it's

If you've been living this way for a while, you can
recognise the feelings you want to have, but you can't
engage because you're so used to keeping the heart's
volume as low as possible.

In extreme cases, you feel a 'disconnect' between the
feelings you think you should be having and actually
feeling them.

Sometimes we are so starved of turning the heart volume up
that we look for someone else to create it for us. You want
the other person to be more open, more interested, more engaged
because you don't want to be.

This causes the other person to back off thinking, 'Why do
they want so much from me??'

Vulnerability is what allows healing to begin.
Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It's intoxicating.
And it's the key to connectedness.

And what about dangling x's? That will have to be next
week's topic!

To have your hands read at my house or at yours, go

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

hand analysis, tea leaves and magic carpets

Two friends in one day have asked me to self examine my religious-like fervour about hand analysis. Such strong convictions don't seem to mesh with my irreverent, iconoclastic personality they say.

I say, it's passion for the ride they're seeing, not an exclusive conviction.

Hand analysis is just one of many viable vehicles for self expansion/illumination.

In other words, if you need to go from A to B, does it really matter if you go in a landrover, a lawnmower or a lamborgini?

The point is to get from A to B.

As a vehicle, it’s not exactly a Volvo. I find hand analysis rather more like a magic carpet. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your life. It’s fast and unusual. And certainly not everyone's cup of tea.
After all, where are the brakes??! where are the seat belts?? where's the road??
and perhaps , more importantly, where is the driver's licence?

All these things are right where they normally are.
Upstairs. In the mind’s eye.

And, the thing I like most? the map’s in your fingerprints, so it can’t blow away.
No matter how fast you’re driving.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

are you feeling misunderstood?

here's a fun example of what happens more often than we care to realize:

Sometimes people hear things differently to what we intend to say.
This happens to all of us sometime or other
but if you have a Simian line in your hand this is an ongoing hurdle.

Do you have a Simian line?

If you have only two major lines on your hand instead of three, you've got a Simian line. A Simian is considered a giftmarker because it indicates a tremendous ability for extreme focus. This is the positive side of what happens when the energy of the heart and head fuse.

But as with every giftmarker, there's a downside. In this case, the challenge is extreme miscommunication. What you say doesn't quite turn out the way you meant it.
People think you're being cold or distant when you think you're being considerate.

At the IIHA this is called the 'blackbox' syndrome. It's like always having a black box between you and other people. What you say to others (or vice versa) goes in one side and comes out scrambled on the other.

Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis has a Simian. So does Tony Blair and numerous other high profile people.

Down's syndrome people have this marker in statistically higher proportions. But this doesn't mean everyone with this marker has Down's. Quite the opposite. It seems, the higher the intellect of the owner the easier it is to use this fusion of energy in a positive way. . Actually, it is not a question of intellect but more a question of consciousness. As with all giftmarkers, the more conscious the person is, the more likely they are in the positive rather than negative side of their giftmarker.

If you have a problem with miscommunication, ask the other person to rerun the movie through their eyes. This will give you a chance to check if the other person has understood exactly what you meant.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Compassionate Communication

There’s a very true adage that says, we teach what we most need to learn.

Recently I had a really painful experience related to ego, surrender and the need to be right.

Somebody at a seminar treated me badly and I backed down, thinking I was being mature letting the issue slide. Then, on my way home, I felt a numbness that I hadn’t felt for a long time. This is an empty feeling that you probably won’t recognise, or fully own up to if you’ve been surrendering your will to someone else’s for a while.

Because I hadn’t been in this sort of situation recently I could recognise the numbness immediately. It was as if the fire had suddenly gone out of me. I felt boneless, almost without a will of my own.

As soon as I recognised where this feeling was coming from, I did completely the wrong thing. I over-reacted and fought back hard. This re-ignited the fire in my belly but I smashed a delicate, important relationship in the process.

However, I’ve learnt something essential as a result:
Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up your will or betraying yourself. It means stepping beyond your own ego in an attempt to really understand what the other person is feeling. This includes letting go of the need to always be right. Letting go of the argument.

Genuine surrender means staying true to your own truth but being willing to stand in the other person’s shoes long enough to make contact with the feelings behind what is actually being said. By addressing the feelings rather than simply reacting an entirely different world open ups.

Funny while I was writing this a mentor sent me an email about noviolent communication. I went on a web search and discovered an excellent article titled: Nonviolent Communication Beyond Judgment and Niceness by Lucy Leu

She says, “The symbol for NVC Is the giraffe. Not only do giraffes have the largest heart of any land animal, their height gives them a long view. Giraffe speakers give from the heart, and are able to see far enough to know the consequences of gifts that do not come from the heart.”

"No matter how big the issue, there will be peace if each party trusts that their needs matter to the other. On the other hand, no matter how small the issue, there will be war if one or both parties believe that the other party does not care about their needs." Dr. Rosenberg

If you’d like to know more about Giraffe language, and the four pieces of information needed to honestly express ourselves to others you can find the whole article here.

To find out how your style of emotional communication may be harming your relationships and how to use your resources to move your life forward, go here or visit my website

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

3 ways to improve your intuition

A few months ago I went to visit the home and healing cave of Emma Kunz.
(Emma was a famous healer who lived just north of Zürich earlier this

The thing I found most astonishing about Emma wasn't so much her healing
powers but the fact that she had absolutely no books in her house (except
one on healing plants) yet somehow she was incredibly knowledgeable,
up-to-date and informed.

I thought this could be explained by the constant stream of visitors she
but then I heard this:

Once, a couple came to visit Emma and brought a book as a gift. At the end
of the visit, Emma turned to the man and said, 'I've been thinking about
this book you brought me. It's not me who needs to read it but you, and the
information you need is on page 25!!'

How's that for being connected with inner guidance!

We all have gut instinct in extreme danger, but we're not all tuned in to
our own inner voice all the time the way Emma was. Or we are, but we don't
trust it. Perhaps because we are taught from birth that everyone else knows
better than we do what we need. So we constantly look for solutions outside
of ourselves, instead of accessing or trusting in our own inner knowing.

How can we access our intuition on a minute-by-minute basis?

In order to hear inner wisdom we first need to be fully present.
We can't be fully present until we bring our spirit back from all the places
we have left it. (past and future).

Here are three ways:
1. Bring your spirit/energy back into present time through completion.
Finish what needs finishing, say what needs saying, don't promise to do more
stuff that you don't have time for any way.

Often we dismiss doing this because the issue seems so petty and such a long
time ago.

Here's an example from my life:

Years ago, when I was a teenager I loaned my mother's favourite art book to
a schoolteacher. I didn't have the courage to ask for it back (kept meaning
to but just didn't) and I didn't have the courage to tell my mother where
her book was whenever she pondered on where it could have got to. That was
30 years ago!
The teacher is now long dead but my mother isn't. A small part of me (my
energy/spirit) stays stuck here until I make the effort of sitting down and
telling my mother what happened to her book all those years ago. (She
probably couldn't care less these days, but that's not the point!)

So, this is what I'm doing to bring my energy into present time, maybe you'd
like to do the same:

Make a list of all the things you should have said in the past but didn't.
Work through the list and bring completion to as many situations as you can.
Pay attention to where your thoughts go throughout the day and write down
everything that needs completion, then act on this.

2. Clear your clutter. Take a day off and do all the little things around
your house that you keep putting off. (The loose door handle etc) These
things rob our energy but we never resolve them. Usually the little things
we keep putting off (that pile of stuff behind your bedroom door?) take less
energy to do than to keep putting off.

3. Recent research done by the Institute of Heartmath indicates that
intuitive information is registered first in the heart and then transmitted
to the brain.

If you shift your focus to the area around your heart, breathe into this
area and re-experience good memories. Or focus on feeling gratitude for
anything in your life right now, this shifts your energy, reduces stress and
allows you to access intuition more freely.

It's a simple 3 step process:
heart focus - heart breathing - heart feeling

You can get the full exercises here:

To find out how your style of emotional communication may be harming your relationships and how to use your resources to move your life forward, go here or visit my website

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do you trust your partner, your intuition, the universe?

This week we’re looking at issues of trust and where this shows up in hands.
We’ll be looking at 4 different aspects. Trusting others, trusting yourself, trusting your intuition and trusting process/the universe/God.

Issues of trust show up in your pinkies (little fingers).

The energy that runs through this finger and the area underneath it is all to do with communication. That’s why in hand analysis, the little finger is called Mercury. After the messenger god, Mercury, the god of communication.

Are your pinkies straight or curved?

A straight Mercury finger means straight communication. You say it the way you see it.
If your little fingers are curved, this means there is a breakdown in your ability to communicate effectively due to lack of trust.

Straight Mercury types also have communication problems, but this is more to do with calling a spade a shovel. Honesty without tact or regard for other’s feelings can be deadly. (I’m one of these types so I should know. It’s taken me a lifetime to figure out why people keep bopping me on the nose for speaking my mind.)

Back to curved fingers and trust.

Some Mercury fingers curve in, others out. Some curve only at the top. Each means something different.

If the whole Mercury finger is curved towards the rest of the hand, like a banana, this generally means that the person has difficulty in trusting men in general, and their partner in particular (if they are a woman), or women in general (if they are a man). This can result in mistrust and general suspicion in intimate relationships, making it more difficult to be open and vulnerable, which is a requirement for genuine closeness.

If only the tip of the finger curves inward (towards hand) this indicates a need to control the outer circumstances. Severe loss in childhood could cause this marker. The result is, one tries to control the situation, other people, the environment, oneself in order to feel safe…. But what it boils down to is a lack of trust in process.

People with this marker try to protect themselves by playing their cards close to their chest. They wait to see what the other person does before revealing him or herself. This might come across to others as manipulative even though that is not their intention.
Or they may try to second guess, instead of just being spontaneous.

If this is you, it helps to know where these fears are coming from and gradually allow yourself to ‘let go, and let god’. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should. Also, in this world of rapid change, work on self-trust is essential. The only truly reliable source of stability is a strong inner core.

A pinkie that curves away from the rest of the hand indicates a storyteller. Someone inclined to exaggerate, or leave out facts for effect. Storytelling is a gift that needs to be used appropriately.

If this is you, ask yourself, is exaggeration appropriate in this moment? How truthful am I being actually? Exaggeration can be toxic in a relationship because of the tendency to exaggerate the other person’s wrongness. This is a major turn-off. Or we might over exaggerate our needs which can also cause unhappiness.

One of the biggest dangers most of us face is not trusting in our intuition. This is particularly so if you have a crooked mercury.

Your guardian angel says, ‘Turn right!’
And you say, ‘What was that? Did I hear turn right, or was it just my imagination?’
Then, by the time you do react, it’s too late. You’ve been banged on the head or you missed something crucial.

Mercury fingers can and do straighten over time. It’s a question of awareness and making different choices based on this awareness.

Essentially all trust begins inside. All lack of trust is really a lack of trust in oneself. You can only trust others as much as you trust yourself. If we are really in tune with our intuition, other people can’t cheat on us or betray us. We betray ourselves by ignoring our instincts.

How does one build self-trust?

Self-trust is made up of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-reliance. It comes from deep form of self-regard built on awareness of one's positive and negative attributes.

This is where hand analysis comes in. Having your hands analysed reveals to you more than just your strengths and weaknesses. It gives you a platform for deep inner knowing and self-trust because it shows you how great you really are, and what’s holding you back from manifesting your greatness.

As author Mary Jane Ryan says, ‘When we trust ourselves… we're safe in our own care.’ We nurture ourselves, treat ourselves kindly, and we learn from our mistakes instead of beating ourselves up about them.

Having your hands analysed is possibly one of the most nurturing things you can do for yourself. It can be a life changing experience. Without a doubt, it’s self expansive.

If you’d like to have you hands read, go here

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8 attitudes That Prevent You From Getting What You Want

I was listening to an interview with Homer McDonald recently and was struck by the massive contradiction in what he was saying with my belief in the importance of absolute honesty and transparency/always speaking your truth.

McDonald says one should always find a way to agree with the other person is saying. Then, when you’re on the same side of the fence, the other person will be more open to hearing what you have to say.

“Yes, you’re right, I am never at home when you need me. It must be very painful for you ….’

If one starts from a place of opposition, the other person resists what you are saying and you’ll never find a solution.

This has more to do with kindness and compassion and protecting the other person’s pride, allowing them to feel you understand and empathise with them, than it does with dishonesty.

I think one needs to always come from a place of mutual respect.

So, show respect and compassion for the other person but also practice self reverence. This includes speaking up for yourself (regarding your needs.) and developing healthy boundaries.

As sa Baba once said, ‘You don’t always have to agree, but you can always be agreeable. ‘

Out of interest, here are McDonald’s 8 attitudes that cause all the trouble in partnerships.
Exaggeration2. Guilt 3. Self-pity (unhappiness) 4. Low self-esteem5. Self-righteousness 6. Submission to feelings 7. Blaming and escaping responsibility8. Believing that differences cause problems

For more on each of these attitudes see

Interestingly, at lot of these issues show up in your hands. Issues of trust and communication show up in one’s Mercury (little) finger.

More on this in the next blog: Do you trust your partner, your intuition, the universe?

The key to all change is awareness. Hand Analysis provides a profound and deep level of awareness about who you are and what your unique challenges are. It shows your greatness, the gifts you have to offer and your burning desire (the reason you are on this planet). It also shows what holds you back. It is an affirming and, for many, life changing experience.

If you’d like to know more about having your hands analysed, click here.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boost your self esteem immediately

You boost your self esteem enormously though self care.
Each time you stand up for yourself in small ways,
you give yourself a clear signal that you are worth it.

There are a million ways to do this.
Think of all the things you shouldn't be doing (things not in
your interest) but you are still doing.

Choose one thing. eg. give up one small thing you know is bad for you.

Let's say it's coffee.
Each day you don't have coffee your self worth goes up.
As soon as you break your promise to yourself, your self worth plummets.

Choose one small thing you know you should be doing but aren't.
Do it every day as an act of self love.
Reward yourself every week for keeping to your promise to yourself.

See what happens.

To find out how your self worth may be holding back from sharing your gifts with the world, go here or visit my website

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day thought

I heard this cute joke about transformation yesterday
and because it's Mother's Day today it seems a relevant
time to share it with you:

Two caterpillars were sitting on a leaf when a butterfly
flew past.
The one caterpillar turned to the other and said,
'They'll NEVER get me to fly in one of those things!'

This makes me smile because it's so true.

There are phases all of us have to go through
whether we like it or not.
And whether we believe it or not.
And, who knows, it might even be better on the
other side!

It's the pupa stage that most of us keep avoiding.
What goes on in there is more than mysterious.

Metamorphosis sounds so grand. But what really happens
is more like total meltdown. Not one cell stays the same.
All of us have to go through this process sooner or later,
one way or another, if not in this lifetime maybe the next.

We birth ourselves. And we can't help not doing it.
In this sense we are all mothers. (Or mothers -to-be.)

So, happy Mother's Day!
May your time in labour be as short and pain-free as possible.

To help you with the process, here's a Mother's Day special
offer from me.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

10 ways to boost your self esteem, with a little help from Saturn

What have Greek mythology and hand analysis to do with self esteem?
Everything it seems.

Looking at how these two connect helps us to better understand the dynamics of what pulls self-esteem down and how to build up genuine self-esteem permanently.

Everything in your life hinges around having a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is what enables you to bounce backafter failure or rejection. If your self esteem is not high enough you're not likely to go out there and put yourself at risk. Problem is, if you don't go out and make mistakes you can't grow or improve.

Millions of highly talented people keep their lives on ice for this reason. It's a simple domino effect, and it all boils down to low self-esteem.

Many of us try to build our self-esteem from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. This is where the wheels fall off. We'll be talking about this later.

Sometimes self-esteem is the dominant lesson you are here to master this time round. When this is the case, it will show up in your fingerprints.

One can think of the hand as a mini cosmological map, with Saturn in the center. Saturn is the middle finger and is very much the backbone of your hand. Just as dealing with Saturn issues are the foundation to leading a successful life.

So who is Saturn and what does this have to do withself-esteem?

In mythology, Saturn is an old grumpy god (also called Cronos) the god of time who was notorious for eating his children (to prevent them overthrowing him!)

Saturn's favourite topics are time, money, order, work,discipline, responsibility and completion. Saturn was also the god of the harvest and in this zone his major lesson is, 'As you sow, so shall you reap.'

Saturn can be a hard taskmaster and his lessons can be brutal if you don't listen up.

What has this to do with your middle finger?

The shape, thickness and length of each part of your middlefinger, as well its overall condition (crooked, straight orfalling over) and everything in your hand under this finger (lines, grills, diamonds, stars, warts and so on) indicatevery specific information about how you are dealing with Saturn related issues.

So, what has Saturn and middle fingers to do with self esteem?

Self-esteem is the currency you earn if you start paying attention to Saturn.
Saturn's main job is to get you to pay attention. To become crystal clear of all the choices you're making in everything you think, say or do. If you don't like the results you're getting in life, or you ahve low self esteem, it's time to start making different choices.

Everything is energy, including self esteem. So, check in with yourself regularly and do an energy audit. How does this choice make me feel?
Am I losing energy?

All Saturn issues are related to integrity. Integrity with others (honesty) and integrity with oneself (authenticity).

Whenever we move away from integrity, guilt kicks in and whenever we feel guilty our self-esteem drops.

An effective way to understand how this works is to take your middle finger and hold it up all on it's own. You'll find you're making a rather rude sign. Saturn is all about learning the consequences of acting or thinking in this way. Or allowing others to behave in this manner towards you.

The thing about Saturn issues is that they often seem so small and mundane that we tend to sweep them under the carpet and focus our attention elsewhere. This is how Saturn trips us up time and again, and this is how our selfworth erodes, gradually, sometimes without us even noticing.

So how do we build self-esteem?

First let's look at what not to do! A classic mistake many of us make regarding self-esteem isto try to build it from the outside in.

We do this by trying to look good in other people's eyes, by saying yes, when we should be saying no, or by focusing blindly onawards and certificates rather than take time to consider the things that really matter in our lives. (I'm an expert here because I've spent much of my life falling into both these traps. That's why I have a pilot's licence, a scuba instructors licence, a yachtmaster licence, heaps of sport trophies and a string of degrees all gathering dust somewhere.)

Genuine self-esteem is built from the inside out, through absolute integrity. (This doesn't mean being self-righteous. It means being honest with yourself and with others, it means learning to say no instead of agreeing to do something when you know you don't have the time or the inclination; it means keeping the small promises you make and not making promises you know you can't keep. It also means holding other people to their small agreements even if you fear they may not like you as a result or if it's easier just to do it yourself.

A good example of this happened to me recently.

We were area river nearby and my son wanted to bring home yet another bottle of tadpole eggs. He was furious when I said no.
'Why not?' he asked sullenly.
'Because we already have 200 tadpoles in our kitchen andyou don't feed them or change their water.''
"Yes, but they are still alive!' He replied, triumphantly.

Now whose fault is it for him growing up thinking tadpoles can live on fresh air and their water stays clean quite mysteriously, all by itself?

We get caught in a classic Saturn trap here and this can bring our self-esteem down big time if we don't pay attention to what's really going on.

What would have happened to me if I didn't say no? and,
Why do I still feed the cat or the tadpoles when this wasn't the agreement?

Unclear 'contracts with loved ones' is a common Saturn theme.

Why do we let loved ones get away with not keeping their side of a contract?

These sorts of decisions have consequences that erode us energetically without us even realising it's happening. It doesn't help to rant and rave. The only thing that helps is to cancel the broken contract, like a bank does when a bond hasn't been paid. What would happen to the bank if it allowed us all not to pay our bonds each month? It would go belly up. Just like we do on another level, without really realising it.

Self-esteem is built through authenticity. It's about standing our ground. Showing up for ourselves and standing up for what we value, often in very small ways with family and friends. Self-esteem can be built using any of the Saturn issues mentioned earlier.

John Dryden once said, 'We first make our habits and then our habits form us.' Look at the habits you have formed around each of the Saturn issues below and see where you can improve them.
· Responsibility. Self-esteem is about learning to take100% responsibility for your life. As long as we blame others we can't take control and fix what's not working for us.

· Discipline. When you start making steps, no matter how small, to develop self discipline, this is when Saturn really sits up to applaud and starts showering you with self-esteem big time.

As Jim Rohn says, 'to have an incredible increase in self-esteem, all you have to do is start doing some little something.'

It doesn't really matter what area of your life you tackle first. The key is to take small steps where you can't fail and to keep taking them consistently.

'A jug fills, drop by drop' Buddha

Whether it's an apple a day for improved health or a phone call a day to move your business forward, when we stick to our agreement with ourselves every day that's when we really start to build self-esteem.
Of course, the danger is to get over enthusiastic. Avoid taking big steps where you're just setting yourself up to fail. Take small steps that seem easy but make a difference over time.

· Completion. Again, if we focus on finishing all the really small things around us we get huge returns. (Jack Canfield recommends making an irritation list. List all the little things around your house that irritate you but you no longer see. Take one day and complete as many of these as you can.)

Saying things to others that have been left unsaid for years is another part of this. It helps us bring our energy back into present time. You can't be here and in tune with your in the moment intuition if your spirit is still in hundereds of uncompleted dialogues.

· Order. This is similar to completion. Clearing clutter both physically and mentally helps us unblock our energy and saty focussed.

· Time. which is really a subcategory of order. Prioritise your day
I love Jim Rohn's way of putting it:
'Finish your day before you start it.'
This helps us to be focused rather than scattered.
· Money. Earn your money with intergity, to others AND yourself by doing what you really love. You have a unique talent to offer the world.
If you're not sure what this talent is, hand analysis can help. Hand analysisc an also help you see what's holding you back and what youcan do about it.
· Gratitude. This doesn't really have anything to do with Saturn but who cares?
No matter whom or what it is you are dealing with, always come from a place of gratitude. This enables you to keep your vibration high and therefore attract more positive things into your life.
Building your self esteem is the key to unlocking your full potential .

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What are your hands trying to tell you today?

Are you losing energy unnecessarily?
Are you hiding your deepest needs and desires from yourself?
Are you ignoring your talents and abilities?
Are you blocking unique opportunities?

Hands have a special way of communicating to their owners. Every day they can tell us something new. New markers or reminders about that can help you move your life forward. Some talent you might be ignoring waves a red flag to grab your attention.

The hollows, quality of lines, relative size of mounds and zones shows where you are leaking or over focussing energy.

The colour of your hands shows where deep needs and emotions are blocked.

Vertical lines show were you have extra energy available to you
Horizontal lines show where you are blocking energy.

Your lifeline shows how grounded you are.
Your headline shows how you process information.
Your heartline shows how you react emotionally.
Your fateline shows how you work with life's responsibilities.

Gift markers show rare abilities that may block your entire life if under-utilised or unrecognised.

Your fingerprints are the backdrop. Your life's unique blueprint.
They explain why you are here, what you have come to master.
What will make you feel fulfilled more than anything else.
and what keeps tripping you up along the way.

Your hands can tell you all this and much more.
They are your private maps for his lifetime.

To learn more about how you can use the information visible in your hands to move your life forward , sign up for my newsletter 'Hands are Mirrors' at the top of this page.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

DNA activation and fingerprints

Interesting research is being done at the moment regarding DNA, specifically the +90% of DNA that was previously thought of as superfluous. Human DNA is 173cm long but only 3 cm is used for genetic coding. Until recently, the rest was labelled ‘junk DNA’ because it didn't seem to have a purpose. Now scientists are finding that this may have to do with the family patterns, collective human experience and maximum human potential.

It seems that as a species, we’re designed to move toward DNA activation, but we each have to do the work ourselves. It’s as if each of us is born with a bag of Lego, something partially built and with no instructions how to proceed. Some people build a masterpiece, other people go round in circles, lose half their Lego pieces or give them all away and leave this life without having really achieved anything. This is where fingerprints come in. Your fingerprints are the ‘package insert’ for your particular bag of Lego. They indicate what you are supposed to be working on. You can call this healing karmic wounds or you can call it healing patterns that exist within your biological family, depending on what you believe. The outcome is the same. Your fingerprints show what trips you up; what causes you to go round in circles or give half your bag of Lego away. They also indicate the masterpiece intended.

To have your fingerprints decoded, click here.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power giveaways

There are many ways we give our personal power away to others.

Power is energy and our hands are sensitive energy conduits
that accurately reflect where we are losing or gaining energy.

Power give aways show up in our hands as specific stress indicators,
such as a bent or crooked index finger or a heartline that curves down
and through the lifeline.

Sometimes these markers show up in the fingerprints.
This is an indicator that these are life scale lessons.
In other words, issues that you have specifically chosen to work through in this lifetime.

How do we give away our power?
How can we tell if this is a lesson of life scale proportion?

We give our power away
  • when we can't say 'no'
  • when we put our lives on hold for others
  • when we rescue others without allowing them to discover their own power.
  • when we doubt ourselves
  • when we try not to make waves
  • when we don't say what we really mean
  • when we try to keep everyone else happy
  • when we allow oursleves to be intimidated
  • when we have poor boundaries
  • when we look for our self worth in other people's eyes
  • when we allow others to run our lives
  • when we get energetically mixed up with others and their specfic needs and dramas

The first step toward dealing with these issues is being conscious of when you are giving your power away and how the pattern plays out in your life.

Hand analysis can help you recognise these patterns and give you pointers to dealing with them by identifying positive resources and perhaps even gift markers in your hand.

More information on this subject and special tips on how to stop giving your power away will be discussed in my newsletter. You can sign up at the top of this page.

For more private advice, please contact me directly

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hand analysis: display your fingerprint art in the Skin Carvings Gallery

The Skin Carvings Art Gallery

Fingerprints are your soul's imprint
on your physical body.
They are your soul's signature
They are unique
They are with you for life
They are beautiful

This image from

Send in your unique fingerprint imagery to
and we'll post your art or photos plus a link to your website in the Skin Carvings Art Gallery.

Learn how to photograph your own fingerprints using a simple digital camera

What kind of fingerprints do you have?

Do you have whorls, loops, peacocks, arches, tented arches, gamuts or weird suckers??
Are they all the same? Are they all different?
Does any one in particular stand out?
Every finger tells a different story about who you are
and who you were meant to become.
What Earth School are you in?

Facts about fingerprints:
  • Our fingerprints are unique because our souls are unique.
  • Fingerprints start forming 8 weeks after conception and by 20 weeks are fully formed and unchangable.
  • If a fingerprint gets damaged it repairs itself gradually from within.
  • Fingerprints are also called dermatoglyphics which means 'skin carvings'.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

How hand analysis helped me

When I reached the pinnacle of my sports career, I was filled with a deep feeling of emptiness. I knew deep down that cycling wasn’t the real reason why I was here, even if I was inspiring others to get on their bikes.

The same feeling came to me when I reached the top of my field as a copywriter. I was at an award ceremony, and had just won 'Writer of the year' award.

Our party went ballistic. A dream had come true. Everyone at our table was whooping for joy, jumping up and down celebrating, hugging me, kissing me as I returned from the podium. But for me personally, the euphoria was fleeting. As soon as I sat down again, I went into deep spiritual crisis. Was I really on this planet to sell more beer or lipstick or whatever?

A client came over to shake my hand and I said to her, ‘Please tell me, how’s this going to help the hole in the ozone layer?’ She left swiftly with a strange look on her face and I proceeded to get roaring drunk.

I don’t know how I drove my car home that night. Angels must have taken the steering wheel from me and given it back just as I got home. Somehow I survived a 3 lane highway but crashed my car into my house a few seconds after turning up the driveway.

It wasn’t long after that, for one reason or another, all my best work got blocked. I suffered complete burnout and took a half-year sabbatical to go sailing.

Afterwards I tried going back to my old job but something had changed in my head while drifting around in the Pacific at the mercy of wind and waves. I couldn’t take deadlines seriously anymore. At the end of hurricane season I went back to sea, searching for meaning in other cultures.

Two years later I hurtled head first down another track - motherhood. It was a good place to hide, caring for others. But all too soon the nagging feeling tugged at me again…why am I here? How am I meant to contribute to this planet?

Then one day I had my hands and fingerprints analysed by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. I was completely blown away by what lay visible in my hands. In one hour he told me more about myself, my soul contract, my stumbling blocks along the way, than I’d spent a lifetime unravelling.

I realised deep down that not only was this information true for me, this was a key discovery for humanity. We are spirits having a human experience. We heal the planet by healing ourselves.

All the information you need to turn your life into a work of art is encoded in your fingerprints. They are your road map for this lifetime. It’s so simple, so accurate, so elegant. Why hadn’t anyone noticed this before?

These days I help other people save years of going round and round in circles the way I did.

What is my life purpose?
Why am I on this planet?
Why do I keep having similar experiences over
and over?

Check your hands. You already have all the information you’re looking for, right at your fingertips.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Hands are Mirrors

Many people are losing out on vital information
because they have totally the wrong idea about
hand analysis.

Hand analysis is not about prediction or divination.
Your hands aren't crystal balls, they're mirrors.

Hand Analysis does not tell you how long you are going
to live or how many children you are going to have.

Your hands provide a detailed map of your inner landscape.
The map can’t tell you where you are going to go, it can
simply show you what routes are available, where the rocky
ground is, or the breaks in the pass. Its task is simply to
provide clarity or to show you what your options are.

Hands reveal one’s pure potential. They also indicate issues
that might be blocking this potential. Most people don’t realise
how gifted they really are and they go through life not using
all the gifts they have to offer the world.

Hand Analysis reveals these talents and therefore is
usually a very empowering experience.

There are two parts to hand analysis, fingerprints (dermatoglyphs)
and hand shape/lines. Fingerprints are fixed 5 months before birth
and cannot change.

Fingerprints represent one’s soul psychology, or soul agenda.

Hand shape (chirognomy) and lines indicate temperament and
issues related to one’s personality psychology.

When I look at hands I look at how the two interact.
One’s soul agenda has to be played out though personality.

Dermatoglyphic input is the significant difference between
hand analysis as practiced by certified members of the
International Institute of Hand Analysis and other systems
of chirognomy. The other significant difference has to do with
gift markers.

Gift markings indicate not only extraordinary talents but also
where a person may be challenged or psychologically blocked.

Hand analysis takes years to learn but fingerprints are relatively
easy to read. Your fingerprints are a soul imprint. They show
what your soul intended to achieve in this lifetime.

These days you can send in your fingerprints via email to have
them analysed. This'll give you a personalised 15 to 25 page
document on what you chose to work through in this life time.
It also gives your highest actualisation point. In other words,
what will make you feel most fulfilled.

To find out more, visit my website:

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